3 Big Reasons to Buy UCC Leads for Finding Prospects

If you are a part of the merchant cash advance business or currently own one, you understand the importance of finding clients and building relationships. Fortunately, high-targeted lists such as UCC leads exist that help you reach prospects efficiently.

UCC lists are highly beneficial sources that help MCA providers to find prospective clients. In MCA industry where you provide a cash advance to the businesses to help them meet capital requirements, UCC leads prove a very effective solution. So, if you plan to launch a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign, getting in touch with a lead generation service is the best answer.

The current economic situation is not favorable for small business owners. The traditional sources of financing have laid tough qualifying criteria which small businesses often find difficult to meet. So, they start looking for alternative financing solutions such as merchant cash advances.

A merchant cash advance is a quick and easy alternative to traditional bank loans. Generally, the start-ups and small businesses who are new to the industry do not have a good credit score so qualifying for bank loans is difficult for them. And, a merchant cash advance turns out to be the best solution.


However, the competition is soaring high these days. So, in order to stay ahead of your competition- UCC leads to prove the right answer. At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide fresh and qualified UCC leads at highly competitive prices. All our UCC leads are created from the most reliable sources and guarantee the accuracy of the information. We guarantee accuracy up to 93 percent on phone numbers and addresses.

Obtain Accurate Data

UCC or Uniform commercial code- this data has been sourced from government-related filings so you can well understand how accurate it can be. With UCC leads, you get access to a host of data including contact details, location, and industry. Use this data to build your contact lists and to prepare optimized communication programs.

Cost Effective

As an MCA provider, if you plan to search for prospects, you need to know it will consume a lot of time and money. Buying leads lists such as UCC data from a professional service comes out the cost-effective approach to knowing target prospects and selling merchant cash advances.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Purchasing UCC leads and integrating the same in your merchant cash advance marketing campaign will help you outpace the majority of your competitors who ignore the importance of getting leads. At Merchant Financing Leads, we promise delivery of fresh and qualified UCC leads that will help you craft a result-oriented MCA marketing campaign.

When purchased from a strategic lead generation service like ours, UCC records provide-

  • First name, where available
  • Last name, where available
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • Mailing address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

With UCC leads, you are able to know about your prospective clients- the ones who are looking for alternative financing solutions. UCC records can be used for a number of marketing campaigns including telemarketing, postcard mailings, direct mail campaigns, refinancing merchant cash advances and more.

The Seven Commandments of Buying UCC Records for Maximum Results

The merchant cash advance industry is booming right now, ever since traditional routes have tightened the regulations for businesses with poor credit ratings. Therefore, it is time that you, a funding provider, use this opportunity to maximize your revenue. It can be difficult to find the best leads in order to market your business. So, it is recommended that you buy highly targeted leads lists from a well-researched company.

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Get UCC Records to Sell Your Merchant Cash Advances Effectively

When it comes to building clients, it is no easy task in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. Luckily, UCC leads can prove quite helpful. These lists contain the name and contact information of those businesses that have received a merchant cash advance previously and are expected to seek one again. The contact information of all these businesses is listed in the UCC list, including their contact number, email ID, city, address, etc.

Such businesses are listed in the UCC leads for 2 main reasons:

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Turnkey Direct Mail Programs for Assured Leads

In today’s market, organizations need to employ many different methods in order to grow their businesses. In order for a business to grow, they ultimately need working capital, which can be hard to obtain by today’s standards. Business loans are a great way for a small business to get the capital needed to invest in their business. However, many banks are leery of loaning funds to small businesses. Luckily for small businesses, Merchant Cash Advances are becoming the new normal, when businesses need funding. At Merchant Financing, our turnkey direct mail programs are particularly intended to help organizations associate with business owners who are actively looking for a merchant cash advance.

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Our UCC Data will Help You Target the Right Leads

Utilizing UCC lists or data to get the right merchant cash advance leads is quite a beneficial strategy for growing your business. Many businesses have benefitted from the use of UCC lists, as they prove to be an effective method when it comes to hunting for successful business leads. So what makes them so useful? Let’s figure it out.

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Are You Applying The Right MCA Marketing Techniques?

While an economic crisis scenario leads many businesses into trouble, it also opens up remarkable opportunities for other businesses. Merchant cash advance business is one such kind that thrives as an alternative lending business that offers to bridge the gap created by the lack of funding sources for other small businesses. However, MCA funding businesses need to target the right leads to reach small businesses and bridge their funding gap. For that to happen, it’s important that you partner with a competent lead generation provider who can take care of your merchant cash advance advertising to generate the best ROI for you. Here are some insights into how efficient lead providers work at arranging merchant cash advance leads for you.

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Get Assured Leads with Pay per Call Programs and Data Lists for your MCA Business

Most businessmen will agree to the fact that lead generation for merchant cash advances is one of the most difficult tasks they perform. While they make huge investments in developing and implementing marketing strategies, their gains don’t seem to do justice to their efforts most often. Moreover, taking care of such activities often shifts the focus of business owners away from their core operations. To mitigate losses that businesses might suffer due to a shift in their focus, they need to outsource their lead generation requirements. Lead generation service providers help you meet your sales targets effectively and without you investing time in it. They will not only help you scale your business growth but also enable you to concentrate on your core tasks by providing the following products and services.

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Use Up-to-date UCC Data for Fresh Business Loan Leads

Buying leads rather than trying to find them yourself is always a wiser option. This helps you avoid dealing with pressures of merchant cash advance marketing and the time wasted on pursuing fruitless prospects. Marketing can be a tough job if you have little experience or knowledge of it, yet it is one of the most vital functions that you must perform in order to advance your business. It makes more sense to stay away from marketing efforts that don’t yield results but wastes time and resources. Allow the experts instead to handle the marketing activities on your behalf.

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Our Targeted Business Loan Leads Deliver Results for Your Bottom Line

Many businesses often face capital shortfalls that leave them struggling to make ends meet. To continue to succeed and grow further, businesses need dependable sources of capital which will enable them to expect realistically and tread in a calculated manner. Merchant cash advances do help in this case; however, they are not easy to close. To address such problems, a competent lead generation company proves quite beneficial. It works closely with you to deliver the MCA leads that exactly match your business requirements and goals.

Most lead generation firms with a good deal of exposure in the business-to-business marketing area are able to deliver prospective clients who are genuinely interested in working capital solutions. Merchant Financing Leads is an expert lead generation firm that provides direct mail, lists, and leads services to clients and understands well how to generate the best prospects for your business. Their focus lies in:

Criteria for Selection

We have fine tuned criteria for selecting business loan leads. Only businesses that verify $350,000 or more to be their annual sales revenue and have an experience of one or more years in business are chosen. Nevertheless, we also provide custom selects upon request.

business load leads

UCC Lists

Our proprietary software captures all the recently filed merchant cash advance and equipment financing UCCs from the secretary of state and county records. These lists are a great way to capture hot leads looking for an additional cash advance.

UCC Leads

Direct Mail Lists and Lead Programs

We send a huge number of Direct Mail pieces to people ranging from small to mid-sized business owners each month. The responses so received are then tracked to measure the current market trends. We refresh our mail pieces and follow trends in the marketplace to showcase new products or innovations. Our creative team works uses the latest marketing trends to create mail pieces that are effective in generating great inbound responses.

Direct Mail Lists and Lead Programs

Business Relationships

Having worked with 5 of the top ten funders in the merchant finance industry, our business flourishes because we value our business relationships with the clientele that we have earned over the years. They have already entrusted us and are enjoying growing client bases. Our unique pay per call system puts our money at risk with yours because we succeed when you do.

Business Relationships

Call Center Verified

Round the clock, our call centers remain engaged in gathering information on businesses throughout the country so as to provide the best quality data for your telemarketing needs or direct mail campaigns.

Industry Partnerships

With our partners in strategic industries such as merchant cash advance, equipment leasing, data base marketing and other relevant industries, we are able to keep our lead generation techniques fresh and relevant.

Industry Partnerships

Committed to delivering the best so that you are able to exceed the ROI you expect, Merchant Financing Leads can deliver a consistent flow of fresh and unique merchant cash advance leads like no other lead generation firm can offer.

Are You Utilizing UCC Data for Lead Generation?

Making use of UCC lists or data to extract merchant cash advance leads is a beneficial technique. Therefore, UCC lists prove to help a great deal when it comes to getting hold of fresh business loan leads. A UCC list record comprises a detailed portfolio of individuals who have taken a cash advance in the past, and could be looking for more money at present. Leads that are generated are better to deal with, unlike other business lists outside of the domain. A major reason for this is that the business owner already understands well the process by which alternative financing works. They have received funding sometime in the past. They happen to be very well acquainted with the process leaving no chance of any misconception. This helps set the expectations clear right in the beginning of the process.

UCC Lead Generation

UCC data helps customers beat expected Returns on investments (ROIs) and yield more productive results than any other marketing method does. Owing to that success, they are able to generate a good deal of ROI each time they invest in UCC data. If you are looking for an effective, cost-saving way to have just the right kind of leads partner with you, this is what will keep your sales team occupied answering calls from lucrative prospects.

MCA Leads

In the merchant financing industry, specifically, UCC data outperforms all other lists available because of the reliability of sources and the conversion ratio. With the promising claims on the success rate of the listed sources’ information, you may be curious to know what our UCC data contains. The records comprise the first and last name of the contact as well as the whereabouts. It also contains the company’s name, phone numbers, mailing address, city and state information along with the zip code. Next, it includes the SIC code and description; the employees’ information; estimated sales volume; the filing day, month, and year; as well as the secured party name (the name of the company that filed the UCC).

The UCC records will prove quite useful for programs ranging from telemarketing campaigns, refinancing merchant cash advances, direct mail campaigns, postcard mailings, cash advances, and offering additional merchant services.