Get UCC Records to Sell Your Merchant Cash Advances Effectively

When it comes to building clients, it is no easy task in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. Luckily, UCC leads can prove quite helpful. These lists contain the name and contact information of those businesses that have received a merchant cash advance previously and are expected to seek one again. The contact information of all these businesses is listed in the UCC list, including their contact number, email ID, city, address, etc.

Such businesses are listed in the UCC leads for 2 main reasons:

  • These businesses have received an MCA previously; hence, they are expected to seek another.
  • Businesses that take an MCA loans are usually new firms and are placing themselves in the industry (they may also be small-scale businesses). As a result, they may need another MCA due to lack of funds or for expansion purposes.

As a merchant cash advance provider, you understand that reaching your target audience is quite challenging and converting them is even more difficult, especially when you have to spend a lot of time educating your prospects on the benefits and MCA industry. As a result, you don’t get the targeted ROI on your MCA marketing.

UCC records help you to reach your target audience productively when you are looking for effective merchant advance leads. These lists tend to be quite useful and rewarding for people operating in the merchant finance industry, because they, in a way, provide you with a means to boost sales. The businesses listed herein are experienced with alternative financing. Therefore, they tend to be better and more prospecting clients. You also save a lot of time on your selling since your calls become short and concrete without having to introduce them to the entire MCA industry.

UCC records have proven to be better and more reliable than other business lists because of the credibility of resources from where the lists are compiled and also the good conversion ratio. The data is usually filtered and the names and contact information of the most relevant companies are taken into account to prepare the list. Talking of the accuracy of the contact information, it has proved to be reliable and correct 93% of the time! And it doesn’t even stop here. The list is updated every month in order to provide you with the latest records. If you feel that all this will make the records unaffordable for you that is simply not true. Records are available at the lowest price per record at Merchant Financing leads.

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The UCC records contain data in detail. Even minute information is also taken into account. From the full name of the organization to its exact location, everything is included. Every record states the full name of the company, its telephone number, mailing address, SIP code, zip code, the number of employees, estimated sales volume, and filing day. With all this information, you can decide which strategy will prove to be the best for your business campaign. You can go for telemarketing, postcard mailing, direct mailing, and can even think of an idea on your own as well.