Use Up-to-date UCC Data for Fresh Business Loan Leads

Buying leads rather than trying to find them yourself is always a wiser option. This helps you avoid dealing with pressures of merchant cash advance marketing and the time wasted on pursuing fruitless prospects. Marketing can be a tough job if you have little experience or knowledge of it, yet it is one of the most vital functions that you must perform in order to advance your business. It makes more sense to stay away from marketing efforts that don’t yield results but wastes time and resources. Allow the experts instead to handle the marketing activities on your behalf.


The team at Merchant Financing Leads knows that it’s not easy to shortlist new customers for generating cash advance. UCC lists prove quite beneficial when it comes to finding merchant cash advance data. A UCC list contains details of individuals who have availed cash advance in the past, and are likely to be looking for similar opportunities at present. Such leads provide a better conversion rate and can be pursued with success. This is possible because the business owner already understands how alternative financing works as they have obtained funding in the past and have had a good experience.

Business Loan Leads

With the help of its proprietary software, Merchant Financing Leads can offer UCC data at the lowest cost per record available in the industry. This kind of data outperforms all other lists owing to the reliability of sources and the conversion ratio. All Secretary of State Records are thoroughly scanned to search for the latest filed merchant cash advance UCC records. All the crucial business and contact information is then added to the file. All the UCC records thus gathered are guaranteed to be 93% accurate in terms of the contacts and addresses of the listed people. If the derived list contains a lower percentage of accurate results, the data is replaced for the client, free of charge.

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Our competent UCC data carries the first and last name of the contacts as well as their whereabouts. It also contains the company’s name, phone numbers, mailing address, city and state information along with the zip code. Next, it includes the SIC code and description; the employees’ information; estimated sales volume; the filing day, month, and year; as well as the secured party name (the name of the company that filed the UCC).

UCC records prove beneficial for campaigns such as telemarketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and postcard mailings, refinancing merchant cash advances, offering additional cash advances, and offering additional merchant services. Buying leads is effective as it allows you to simply pay for the leads, avail them quickly when you need them, and reap the benefits with your calculated ROI.