Get our Merchant Cash Advance Aged Leads and Boost Your Sales

Are you working in the MCA industry? Are you searching for ways to attract customers and increase sales?

For all those who have been working in the merchant cash advance industry, whether marketing managers or MCA providers, they are all well aware of how challenging the marketing process can be. Finding prospects and encouraging them to opt for a merchant cash advance as their alternative funding source, can be a difficult process.

Fortunately, high-targeted lists such as merchant cash advance aged leads exist and can help you reach prospects efficiently.

MCAs are increasingly gaining popularity. The merchant cash advance industry is a fast, secure and safe alternative to traditional bank loans. This is the main reason why the industry is gaining acceptance so quickly among small business owners, especially those who are not qualified for traditional bank loans.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we offer MCA Aged leads for cash advance providers looking for prospects and for closing deals successfully. Merchant cash advance aged leads are a reliable source to learn about your target prospects, thus launching a strategic MCA marketing campaign.

Our MCA aged leads provide the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name
  • Email Address
  • Monthly Gross Income

We have a team of qualified marketing experts who make use of proven methodologies and strategies in order to help clients reach their target prospects and sell business loans efficiently. At Merchant Financing Leads, we understand what it takes to succeed in this industry. This is why we have put together one of the most innovative business loan lead systems available to business lenders.

Receiving our working capital leads will help you target prospects, which in turn helps increase your ROI.

Here are a few features of the MCA Aged leads that we provide:

  • The leads are generated from the most reliable platforms- Google Ad-Words, Bing and Yahoo
  • Listed merchants have obtained a cash advance previously and are looking for working capital again
  • MCA Aged leads feature email opt-ins or are PPC driven
  • Perfect for manual dialing with a predictive dialer

Once you have access to our MCA aged leads, the next step is to call the prospects manually. While making calls to the prospects, an expected you can expect 1 – 3 percent of these merchants are ready to submit an application.

Investing in a lead generation service like ours will prove to be the right decision for your business. It will not only help you find your target prospects, but also allow you to plan a results-oriented, merchant cash advance marketing campaign.

So, if you are working in the MCA industry and are planning to launch a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign to sell business loans, Merchant Financing Leads are here to help.

Call 877-730-4500 now and talk to our marketing team in order to find the right answer for your marketing needs.

ACH Leads – The Right Approach to Boost Merchant Cash Advance Sales

Due to increasing competition in the MCA industry, cash advance providers are searching for ways to attract customers and enhance sales. ACH leads can be the best call for merchant cash advance providers.

Every business reaches a point in its lifecycle when there is an immediate need of funds. This need can arise because of differing requirements like staffing, adding capital, expansion of business, or advertising.

A business has easy access to traditional bank loans and other lending options. However, these days, traditional banks have very low approval rates when it comes to funding small businesses.

So, there are few chances for a small business to prove its credibility to a bank and receive their desired loan. This is where MCA businesses come to the rescue of small businesses, with their convenient cash advance options.

If you are an MCA business owner, looking for merchants in need of funding, ACH marketing can help you get the best leads. But first, understand what ACH is and how ACH leads can help your MCA business.

ACH – Automated Clearing House

An Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic system for fund transfers. This payment system functions to coordinate automated money transfers and electronic payments. It is one way to transfer money from one bank to another, without the usage of traditional methods like wire transfers, checks, movement of cash, etc.

The ACH system of payment includes transactions based on direct deposits, payrolls, consumer bills, tax refunds and payments. This is one of the most effective and convenient payment methods used by businesses.

Businesses using this method for payments are usually new businesses that are always in a need of funds. Most of these businesses have already used merchant cash advances to satisfy their business funding needs.

The businesses listed in ACH leads are ones that use ACH payments. These lists help MCA business owners contact these small businesses, and fulfill their funding needs through merchant cash advances.

Why ACH Leads?

ACH leads can prove to be the best choice for any MCA business owner, as these are businesses that have already used MCAs before. So, they are well-acquainted with the entire process of receiving advances. You can save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise consist of explaining the loan process, the repayments, and the benefits of MCA.

ACH leads lists or records are highly reliable. With the help of expert lead generation experts like Merchant Financing Leads, you can receive fresh and updated information from these ACH leads.

With a team of experienced experts, Merchant Financing Leads also helps your MCA business by setting up an effective ACH marketing campaign.

So, contact us today and grab the best and qualified leads available for your business.

Tired of Crappy Leads? Invest in Our UCC leads and Target Customers Effectively

Marketing a merchant cash advance business requires a completely different approach. Unlike other businesses where you have a clear idea of your target market, finding prospective clients in the MCA industry is not easy at all.

Getting UCC leads from a professional lead generation service is the right approach to know your target prospects.

Because of a merchant cash advance’s beneficial features, funding is gaining increasing popularity among business owners. However, as an MCA provider, searching for prospects is a major challenge.

As an MCA provider, if you plan to search for target customers, you should know it is often a waste of time and money. Without reliable resources and knowledge, finding prospects is not easy. The best approach is using a lead generation service to best learn about target customers and launch a strategic marketing campaign.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we are a trusted name. We provide high-quality UCC leads to help you strategize a results-oriented, merchant cash advance marketing campaign, and reach prospects efficiently.

Our UCC leads help you know your target customers better and approach them appropriately. The businesses listed are businesses with low credit ratings and were denied funding by traditional banks, which makes them ideal prospects.

The UCC lists we provide contain important information such as name and contact details of businesses who have previously applied for a merchant cash advance and are expecting to seek one again. The best thing about these businesses is that they have already taken a business loan, which means they are aware of the loan process, thus making your job easier. When planning to launch a merchant cash advance marketing campaign to sell business loans, acquiring UCC records helps you reach your prospects in a better way.

When purchased from a strategic lead generation service, UCC records provide-

  • First name, where available
  • Last name, where available
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • Mailing address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • SIC description etc.

As an MCA provider, you need to understand that having access to quality UCC leads, the ones who are willing to take merchant cash advances, is a much easier way to find prospective clients than just making random calls and getting nowhere.

Moreover, without a relevant UCC leads list, generating leads is quite difficult, especially when your MCA business is still struggling to grow. So, purchasing a quality leads list, from a reputable provider, helps you reach potential customers and plan a marketing strategy that increases sales & generates more business.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we are a well-known lead generation service, generating exclusive high-quality UCC leads that help you reach your prospects successfully. We are a team of highly-qualified and dedicated marketing professionals. We have been in the industry for a decade now and have assisted hundreds of thousands of businesses to find prospective clients and sell MCA loans, thus helping them accomplish their goals.

With years of experience in the MCA industry, we know what it takes to succeed. We have researched and found the most effective ways to launch business loan marketing campaigns.

MCA Live Transfer Leads – Boost Your Funding Business and Increase ROI

Are you working in the merchant cash advance industry and looking for ways to increase sales? Getting our merchant cash live transfer leads is the ultimate solution.

Buying merchant cash advance live transfers will provide complete information about your potential customers such as name, contact details, phone numbers and more.

An MCA is increasingly gaining popularity. The merchant cash advance industry is fast, secure and a safe alternative to traditional bank loans. This is the main reason why this industry is gaining acceptance so quickly among small business owners, especially the ones who are not qualified for traditional bank loans.

In this method, the lead generation company supplies live transfer leads to the ISO’s and Funders. The merchant cash advance lead generation company agents call the business owners and offer them a business loan directly. So, if you are planning any merchant cash advance marketing to sell business loans, getting our live transfer leads is the right answer.

Generally, the companies that take merchant cash advances are mostly new in business and face difficulty in getting loans from banks and other traditional loan providers. However, running a business requires funds and MCA funding turns out to be their best option. Plus, getting live transfer leads will help you reach target prospects in need of funding.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide the most cost-effective and DNC-compliant live transfer lead generation program for the merchant cash advance businesses. We aim to provide fresh and qualified live transfer leads that help you reach prospects properly.

A Glimpse of the Benefits of Getting Live Transfer Leads

  • DNC Compliance- No voice broadcasts and No Press 1
  • Money saving- you pay only for qualified leads
  • With our live transfers, you only speak to qualified merchants
  • All leads need funding within one to two weeks

With years of experience in the MCA industry, we completely understand the market situations and businesses and will provide you with the best lead generation program to help you attract loan leads and increase sales. Our dedicated and experienced sales team will plan a perfect MCA marketing program for your business that yields greater results. By blending top-notch technology, a proprietary business owner database and well-trained call center representatives, we deliver outstanding results to help your business accomplish its goals.

Some More Features of MCA Live Transfer Leads

  • The most efficient and cost-effective means to reach your prospective customers
  • 100 percent exclusive leads
  • No need to pay for bad leads
  • With MCA live transfer leads, the agents make a direct call to business owners and offer them funding.