Our UCC Data will Help You Target the Right Leads

Utilizing UCC lists or data to get the right merchant cash advance leads is quite a beneficial strategy for growing your business. Many businesses have benefitted from the use of UCC lists, as they prove to be an effective method when it comes to hunting for successful business leads. So what makes them so useful? Let’s figure it out.

UCC Filling

UCC lists comprise the details of individuals who have availed a certain cash advance in the past and are most likely to be looking for more funds. The most advantageous piece of utilizing UCC records or information is that the leads it permits you to approach are respectable. This is what you will find contrary to other business lists available in the market if you’ve had the experience of using one of them. A major explanation for the success rate of closing leads using UCC records is that the entrepreneur already knows the idea of alternative financing. They have been through the procedure in the past and thus, see how it all works. The fact that these business owners are well versed with the process adds value to the idea of teaming up with them.

UCC data typically outperforms all other lists available in the merchant financing industry, as the credibility of sources is greater here, hence the conversion ratio. What we, as a skillful lead generation firm do, is offer you UCC records at an extremely negligible price per record. In a fair comparison, the difference is clear when observing it against what the rest of the industry offers. All the Secretary of State Records are accessed to get the most recently filed merchant cash advance UCC records. As a result of this data, all the pertinent and pivotal business and contact information is then attached to the records file. All UCC records are ensured to be 93% precise, as far as the contacts and locations of the recorded businesses. If your list contains a higher percentage, all you have to do is let us know, and we will replace them for you—absolutely free of charge.

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With the assuring claims regarding the rate of success of the listed sources’ information, people remain curious to know what our UCC data carries. Ideally, the records contain the first and last name of the business contact as well as the contact’s whereabouts. In addition, they contain the organization’s name, telephone numbers, postage information, city, and state data alongside the postal division. Further on, the data lists the SIC code and description; the employees’ information; estimated sales volume; the filing day, month, and year; as well as the secured party name, which is the name of the company that filed the UCC.

The UCC records are known to prove quite beneficial for various campaigns used for marketing purposes. Campaigns, such as telemarketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, postcard mailings offering additional cash advances, refinancing merchant cash advances, and offering additional merchant services, immensely benefit from such data.