Are You Applying The Right MCA Marketing Techniques?

While an economic crisis scenario leads many businesses into trouble, it also opens up remarkable opportunities for other businesses. Merchant cash advance business is one such kind that thrives as an alternative lending business that offers to bridge the gap created by the lack of funding sources for other small businesses. However, MCA funding businesses need to target the right leads to reach small businesses and bridge their funding gap. For that to happen, it’s important that you partner with a competent lead generation provider who can take care of your merchant cash advance advertising to generate the best ROI for you. Here are some insights into how efficient lead providers work at arranging merchant cash advance leads for you.


Sources of Cash Advance Leads

1. Pay per Call Direct Mail Leads:

 Using this method, the effort is geared towards generating qualified inbound calls from business owners who manage a minimum of $350,000 as part of their annual sales and have been in business for at least more than a year. These leads are priced on a Pay per Call basis and we confidently guarantee a minimum number of calls with every campaign.

2. UCC Lists:

 These lists are the smartest and most effective telemarketing lists for merchant cash advance companies. These lists carry data of people who have some time in the past availed cash advances and are likely to avail some again. You can select the time frame from when these advances were taken out.

3. Business Owner Lists:

 Our nationwide coverage of Business to Business lists is aimed at targeting small business owners who process $10,000 or more in credit card receipts every month. That way, we ensure that the businesses we approach are the most lucrative ones.

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Techniques used to target the Right Businesses

1. Tested and Examined Mail Pieces:

 With decades of experience into engineering merchant cash advance marketing programs for a various financial service firms, it has become our expertise to successfully generate qualified inbound responses without strategizing much on the conditions.

2. Targeted business lists:

 We deliberately mail to businesses that have generated at least $350,000 or more in annual revenue and have been in business for more than a year.

3. Constant Testing, Evaluation and Elaboration:

No matter how well the mail pieces are written, they eventually wear out with time and stop drawing the desired responses. On a Pay per Call, however, if the mail doesn’t work, you are not the one to be bearing the cost for it. We keep testing fresh and innovative selections as our effort to bring the best of the creative mail pieces to market for our clients.

By employing the above mentioned best practices, you no longer have to scrape up your own way to acquire fresh leads or worry about investing heavily in your business loan marketing strategy. You can comfortably save that time and energy to focus on your core business and prosper.