ACH Marketing: The Right Approach to Win Quality MCA Leads

MCA providers might be aware of what ACH leads are, but did you know that with the right ACH marketing, these leads are easily acquired and converted? It remains to be seen how these marketing campaigns can be planned and executed for the best results. Let’s have a look now!

ACH Leads

A lot of things have changed in the world of business. On one hand, things have gotten better for making business activities more efficient, on the other hand, times are getting tough when it comes to getting funds.

Businesses have moved on from traditional banks to fulfill their funding needs since these banks rarely provide funds to small businesses and startups anymore. The reason banks turn down these businesses is because of their poor credit scores.

These businesses then look for alternative methods to generate funds and turn to the best merchant cash advance leads.

MCA is a very efficient and easy alternative for generating funds, by small businesses. The convenience in getting funds through an MCA is the main reason why small businesses choose this option. These businesses are the leads for MCA providers, including ACH leads.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a method of payment used by businesses for the transfer of funds. Businesses use this method to get funds and receive payments. This method is widely used by small businesses to get MCA funds as well.

How can you get information about these leads for ACH marketing?

The information about businesses using ACH for different payments, is recorded and secured by lead generation and marketing experts. This information is generated in the form of an ACH mailing list.

The information is collected by lead generation experts like Merchant Financing Leads. The information can be used effectively for ACH advertising.  The information includes:

  • Name of the business and business owner, if available
  • Type of business
  • Address
  • Contact information

Also included is other necessary information needed to approach these leads and start the right conversation to market your MCA.

With the help of this information, it is easy for MCA providers to plan and execute winning ACH marketing campaigns. Through this kind of marketing, MCA providers can approach and convert ACH leads.

Getting an ACH mailing list from lead generation experts can benefit you in a number of ways.

First, marketing experts generate these lists. The data in these lists is gathered through continuous and in-depth research. This makes them highly reliable.

Second, lead generation experts keep on updating these lists with time, eliminating businesses that are no longer beneficial to approach. It saves a lot of time otherwise wasted by MCA providers on old and obsolete leads.

Third, it is more cost-effective to get these ready-made lists than conduct research on your own. If you plan on gathering this data yourself, you might end up wasting a lot of your money, time and effort, all for nothing!

If you want to approach the right merchant cash advance leads, at the right time and convert them into clients, get in touch with lead generation experts. Merchant Financing Leads can be your best bet to carry out effective ACH marketing! Get in touch with us, today.

Getting a Quality ACH Leads List Can Boost Your MCA Business. Here’s How.

Automated Clearing House, or ACH, is the electronic funds transfer network that processes debit and credit transactions in batches. Businesses find it a convenient way to receive payments from their customers and also recollect funds, especially merchant cash advances. Since the traditional banks have introduced strict policies and ceased to fund small business with poor credit ratings, merchant cash advances are the best solution.

quality leadsHowever, unlike other businesses such as fashion stores, restaurants, etc. where finding prospective clients is easy, the MCA industry needs a more tricky approach. Finding prospective clients in the merchant cash advance industry is not child’s play. While as a MCA loan provider, you want to find prospective clients, it is really a time-consuming process and sometimes you end up contacting the wrong leads. So, getting a list of quality leads from a reputed lead generation service is the best approach. In this regard, ACH leads lists can prove quite helpful.

ACH leads contain the names and contact information for all those businesses who are looking for merchant cash advances as a source of alternative financing. Mostly, these businesses are the ones who have previously obtained a merchant cash advance and are expecting to seek this type of loan once again in the near future. Generally, the businesses opting for MCA loans are startups or companies with a bad credit history. To establish themselves in the marketplace, MCA is the best funding option for them. So, getting a quality ACH leads list will help you pitch your MCA loans to the right target audience. Besides this, all the businesses listed are familiar with alternate financing routes; therefore, they prove to be a sorted prospective set of clients for you.

ACH records will be an asset for your company’s marketing plans. Here, your target audience is only a phone call or a direct mail piece away. It will save you a lot of time, as you will not have to pick up a telephone directory and start calling random numbers. This will help you boost your sales and profits. For an MCA loan provider, looking for leads, these are very effective, since they bridge the gap between a lender and a borrower.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide high-quality ACH leads that help you reach your prospects successfully. We are a team of highly-qualified and dedicated marketing professionals who have been in the industry for a decade now and have assisted hundreds of thousands of businesses find prospective clients and sell MCA loans, thus helping them accomplish their goals. Having our fresh, up-to-date quality leads list in hand, you can reach your target customers fast and work on marketing campaigns with a more definite and clear approach, thus generating quick and concrete results.

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Our ACH leads list are constantly refreshed ensuring that our customers don’t miss out on any opportunity. The ACH records contain the accurate spelling of the company name, a confirmed mailing address, phone number, etc. Also, we provide 100 percent authentic records. We believe it is a good practice to ensure the authenticity of the list prior to executing any strategy further.

Get in touch with Merchant Financing Leads today and get quality ACH leads to boost your MCA business now.

Have You Been Refraining from Direct Mail ACH Marketing? Well, You Might Want to Reconsider It!

Most people know that an ACH Advance, also known as a Revenue Advance, is a merchant cash advance transaction that is repaid via direct daily ACH bank debits and not from a merchant’s bank account. And as ACH leads are those that use ACH funding, marketers use ACH leads lists to target businesses who are genuinely interested in getting a loan. But, as merchant cash advance lenders, you often face the dilemma of deciding which approach to go with for your ACH marketing.

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Need a Boost in Your MCA Business? Get an ACH Leads List

We all know that ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the electronic funds transfer network that processes debit and credit transactions in batches. It is widely used by businesses and is a very convenient option for business owners to receive payments from customers and also to send funding to their customers, such as for Merchant Cash Advances. The businesses that send funding to their customers are the ones who would benefit from ACH Leads. Building clients in the merchant cash industry is not an easy task. If you have a merchant cash advance business, then this means you need to reach the right people at the right time. For this purpose, ACH records have proven to be very helpful.

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How Do ACH Lead Lists Fit into a Merchant Cash Advance Business?

Today, startups and small businesses that need immediate capital have a billion dollar industry eager to fund them: MCA providers. Although the industry is just a decade old, it has shown significant growth in the last few years. While there were only a handful of funding providers following the recession, there are thousands of them now in the US alone.

ACH Leads

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Merchant Cash Advance Advertising is No Longer Rocket Science!

Imagine sitting in front of your PC on a Monday morning and finding dozens of hot leads in your inbox. So many that it’s only leads you see throughout the day, arriving in your inbox back to back. Well, that would certainly be an awesome day, and it would give a boost to your business. Merchant cash advance lead generation is a great way to get new business. Now, don’t waste your time gazing at people at a trade show thinking your makeshift stall will attract people that might be interested in filling out a form. This is certainly not how you’ll create a list of merchant cash advance leads for your MCA business. Instead, you could get in touch with a professional lead generation company that can supply you with the highly targeted leads for your merchant cash advance marketing strategies. Continue reading Merchant Cash Advance Advertising is No Longer Rocket Science!

Get More out of Your Merchant Cash Advance Advertising with Quality Leads

It has often been observed that most of the people you try to reach through cold calling for Merchant Cash Advance Leads are the ones who are not interested at all. You follow up with prospective customers, working extensively towards fostering a relationship with them, until they are convinced enough to buy from you. Well, they might sound convinced, but there’s no guarantee. And on top of that, it turns out to be a very time consuming task. Thus, it would make more sense to try your Merchant Cash Advance advertising on active Merchant Cash Advance buyers. Your sales rep can build long lasting relationships with these active buyers, since they have already expressed interest in your service. Instead, it can be a nice opportunity where your sales representatives can demonstrate your company’s potential by converting the lead as a result.

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Feel the Difference in Your ACH Marketing with ACH Leads

In the current scenario, while traditional banks are no longer catering to the funding demands of small businesses, alternative ways for funding have emerged in the market. After the recession, companies lost their credit ratings, and they were not eligible to be approved for loans. However, they still needed funding to sustain their business or for business expansions. At that point, it was the right time for Merchant Cash Advance lenders to step in. Now, it is easy for small businesses to apply for loans, even with low credit ratings and only one year in business. The alternative lending business has quickly become a popular mode of funding for business owners.

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UCC Data for Quality Merchant Cash Advance Leads!

Working with UCC lists or data to get hold of quality merchant cash advance leads is a very effective technique for closing new loans. That’s because the UCC lists prove to have a high conversion rate when it comes to MCA leads in the funding industry. A UCC list contains the details of individuals who have availed a merchant cash advance in the past and are likely to look for similar opportunities in future. The leads are warm, unlike other business lists available outside of this league, because the business owner already understands how alternative financing works. They understand the nitty-gritty of how the method functions as they have obtained funding in the past.

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Use Our Guaranteed Prospects to Close Merchant Loan Deals

No matter how entangled you find yourself in your business, as a merchant financing professional, you recognize the importance of quality leads to keep your business running successfully. A critical investment for any business is having an up-to-date list of guaranteed prospects for lead generation. There are times when businesses are not doing well, and you rush through quick and easy sources to find a way to acquire fresh leads. However, while you allocate the task of generating fresh leads to your lead providers, you see a significant gap between your investments and returns.. What can be done in such a situation?

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