Live Transfer Leads: Strategize Goal-Oriented MCA Marketing and Increase Sales

As traditional banks continue to tighten eligibility criteria for small scale businesses, more and more MCA providers are emerging in the market and finding success. These newly-emerging MCA providers are proving tough competition for existing businesses.

The merchant cash advance is gaining popularity among business owners, owing to advantageous features associated with it. Finding prospects to sell a merchant cash advance to is a major challenge MCA providers are facing. Thankfully, high-targeted leads, such as live transfer leads, exist and help you reach prospects efficiently.

‘Merchant cash advance is a fast, secure, and safe alternative to traditional bank loans.’

A merchant cash advance is an advance against future payment receivables of a business.  The MCA industry is booming right now and has attracted millions due to its beneficial features and easy loan process.

If you are an MCA provider, looking for ways to increase sales, knowing your target prospects is the first step. Acquiring merchant cash advance live transfer leads is the best choice to learn about your target prospects and market efficiently.

Data has shown an incredible increase in conversion rates by using live transfers.

But, Where to Get Quality MCA Live Transfer Leads?

This is the most common question from MCA providers. It is understandable that buying MCA live transfer leads is the right way to market merchant cash advances effectively. The next big question is where to buy quality live transfer leads?

Purchasing MCA live transfer leads from a trusted lead generation service is the best way to reach target prospects and market efficiently. At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide the most cost-effective and DNC-compliant, live transfer lead generation program for merchant cash advance businesses. We provide fresh and qualified live transfer leads that help you reach prospects properly.

Generally, companies that take merchant cash advances are new businesses facing difficulty with getting loans from banks and other traditional loan providers. These new businesses, and small-scale businesses, make the best prospects for MCA providers.

Additionally, some of these businesses have already sought an MCA, which means they are aware of the merchant cash advance process. These businesses understand the functioning of the process, meaning you don’t need to put in as much effort in persuading them to  secure loans from you. They’ll know a merchant cash advance is the right choice for them.

Key Benefits of Buying Our Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads:

  • Speak only to qualified merchants
  • Pay only for qualified leads
  • Receive leads during banking hours—no weekends, holidays or late-night calls
  • DNC compliance
  • Online tracking portal

Live transfers are considered the most cost-effective lead generation service in the industry to plan result-oriented MCA marketing.

As an MCA provider, if you plan to search for prospects and market yourself, it will consume a lot of time and money. Purchasing MCA leads from a trusted service becomes the right approach to merchant cash advance marketing.

Things to Look for in Quality Merchant Cash Advance Leads

There is an abundance of merchant cash advance leads available in the market, but finding the most qualified ones, and acquiring them, is the toughest task. If you are an MCA provider looking for the best leads for your business, you need to be clear about what factors make your leads the most qualified.

If you are constantly looking for the best-quality leads for your MCA business, here are a few things to look for:

Size of Business

Over the years, a number of new businesses and startups have emerged in the market. Out of these, large-scale businesses usually keep backup capital and don’t usually look for small funding options.

Now, other small businesses and startups often don’t have good credit scored and thus, cannot seek  traditional banks for funding. However, their regular funding requirements arise more often compared to large businesses.

These business look for alternative, convenient options for funding. This makes them the best bet for MCA businesses. Thus, these businesses can be targeted through the right merchant cash advance marketing strategies.

Past Funding Options Availed

If you can get the information about what funding options a business has used in the past, it is easy for you to tell if they’re qualified leads or not.

Now, this information can be collected from lead generation experts like Merchant Financing Leads. We keep track of businesses look for funding options like MCAs, and we also have a record of their past funding options.

This helps MCA providers know whether they have  utilized MCAs in the past or not. If not, you can plan your strategy accordingly, explaining everything to the leads from scratch.

However, if your merchant cash advance leads have already  used MCAs in the past, it makes them a qualified lead that you can directly approach, and all you need to do is convince them to choose you as their MCA provider.


If everything is in your favor as you target merchant cash advance leads, but they’re not available, you will end up wasting your time.

Knowing that a business requires funds, and that they have availed MCAs in the past, doesn’t actually mean they are interested in using your MCA services. For this, you will have to reach them and convince them as to why they should pick you.

Some leads may have looked for MCAs in the past, but currently they are not, so wasting time on these leads is just not feasible. To avoid this, you must get the updated data and information about MCA leads and merchant cash advance live transfers.

This data is maintained by lead generation experts and is updated on a regular basis. Thus, they eliminate the obsolete or unqualified leads, and give you only information about fresh leads.

It saves a lot of time and you can direct all your efforts towards doing the right merchant cash advance marketing.

Tips for MCA Business Success: Acquiring Live Transfer Merchant Leads

Looking for fast and qualified live transfer merchant leads? We can help! Read on to learn how you can get them!

Getting MCA Leads

There is tremendous growth in the number of new businesses and startups emerging these days. These businesses, being new in the market, struggle with a number of things to survive the competition. Finding the right funding options to carry out their business activities is their greatest struggle.

For this reason, small or new businesses and startups make the best MCA leads, and are targets for merchant cash advance providers.

If you are struggling to find and target qualified merchant cash advance leads, seeking help from lead generation experts like Merchant Financing Leads is the right thing to do.

With their experience, research, and in-depth knowledge of the market, these experts gather all the data you need to target the best-quality MCA leads. This data can be used by MCA providers to approach, convince, and convert leads for the success of their business.

Live Transfer Merchant Leads

These are the merchant cash advance leads that are convertible directly through a phone call. Information about these leads like their name, business name, contact details, funding requirement, etc., is gathered by lead generation experts.

These businesses are given a call by agents of the lead generation experts, and offered a direct loan on behalf of the MCA providers. If the merchant is interested, they are targeted for conversion.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we gather quality information about MCA live transfer leads based on the following qualities:

  • DNC (Do Not Call) Compliance as per state regulations
  • Almost every lead requires funding within two weeks
  • Exclusive and quality leads
  • Direct availability through a phone call – faster conversions

If you pick Merchant Financing Leads as your lead generation experts, here are the benefits you can reap:

  • No need to handle the calling and contacting process on your own – let our agents do that.
  • No need to maintain a whole record of the convertible and interested leads, as we do that for you.
  • No need to pay for bad or unqualified leads. Pay only for the  qualified ones.
  • Faster conversions, as we pick the leads that need funding within one or two weeks.

Gain these benefits by using the lead generation services of Merchant Financing Leads. We not only provide you with valuable information about live transfer MCA leads, but also walk you through the process of approaching them and convincing them.

Our team of marketing experts also helps MCA businesses set  reliable marketing campaigns and analyze their results with time. Thus, with us, you can get information about the most qualified MCA live transfer leads, approach them in the most effective manner, convert them, and set marketing campaigns for the same.

If you look forward to the same for your MCA business, contact us today!

Want an Increase in MCA Sales? Hire a Lead Generation Service Today!

As new businesses continue to enter the market, the need for financing solutions is on the rise. While traditional banks have made the qualifying criteria tough for small business owners, there is always a requirement of funds in businesses for the smooth flow of operations.

But, where does the capital come from? A merchant cash advance is the easiest financing solution. It is a fast, secure and safe alternative to traditional bank loans.

Generally, the start-ups and small businesses who are new to the industry do not have a good credit score, so qualifying for bank loans is difficult for them. And, a merchant cash advance turns out to be the best solution.

This is the reason why a merchant cash advance is gaining popularity among business owners. However, the MCA providers are facing difficulty in finding new prospects and marketing merchant cash advances.

Different kinds of merchant cash advance marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. are strategized by MCA providers in order to reach maximum customers and sell business loans efficiently.

Hiring a professional lead generation service is the best approach to marketing a merchant cash advance. Buying merchant cash advance leads will help you understand your target prospects so that you can launch a strategic MCA marketing campaign.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we are one of the leading suppliers of qualified MCA leads that help you strategize a result-oriented marketing campaign.

Here are a few valuable benefits of hiring a professional lead generation service-

Fresh and qualified leads- At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide fresh and qualified business loan leads. These leads lists are updated on a regular basis and provide complete information about your targeted customers.

Cost Effective- For merchant cash advance providers, searching for prospects by them will consume a lot of time and money. Buying merchant cash advance leads from a professional service is the cost-effective approach to find target prospects and sell business loans.

Industry experience- We are an expert merchant cash advance provider company that makes use of all the latest methods and marketing strategies to promote your business.

DNC Compliance- All our live generated leads are DNC compliant. So, you need not worry about the quality at all.

Getting merchant cash advance leads from a professional firm like ours helps with merchant cash advance marketing in a more effective way and yields better results. Consequently, your business will be able to generate a good deal of ROI each time you invest in a lead generation service, and you will notice it soon.

So, if you are working in MCA industry and planning to launch a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign in order to attract leads and sell business loans, sign up for our lead generation program now!

Get our Merchant Cash Advance Aged Leads and Boost Your Sales

Are you working in the MCA industry? Are you searching for ways to attract customers and increase sales?

For all those who have been working in the merchant cash advance industry, whether marketing managers or MCA providers, they are all well aware of how challenging the marketing process can be. Finding prospects and encouraging them to opt for a merchant cash advance as their alternative funding source, can be a difficult process.

Fortunately, high-targeted lists such as merchant cash advance aged leads exist and can help you reach prospects efficiently.

MCAs are increasingly gaining popularity. The merchant cash advance industry is a fast, secure and safe alternative to traditional bank loans. This is the main reason why the industry is gaining acceptance so quickly among small business owners, especially those who are not qualified for traditional bank loans.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we offer MCA Aged leads for cash advance providers looking for prospects and for closing deals successfully. Merchant cash advance aged leads are a reliable source to learn about your target prospects, thus launching a strategic MCA marketing campaign.

Our MCA aged leads provide the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name
  • Email Address
  • Monthly Gross Income

We have a team of qualified marketing experts who make use of proven methodologies and strategies in order to help clients reach their target prospects and sell business loans efficiently. At Merchant Financing Leads, we understand what it takes to succeed in this industry. This is why we have put together one of the most innovative business loan lead systems available to business lenders.

Receiving our working capital leads will help you target prospects, which in turn helps increase your ROI.

Here are a few features of the MCA Aged leads that we provide:

  • The leads are generated from the most reliable platforms- Google Ad-Words, Bing and Yahoo
  • Listed merchants have obtained a cash advance previously and are looking for working capital again
  • MCA Aged leads feature email opt-ins or are PPC driven
  • Perfect for manual dialing with a predictive dialer

Once you have access to our MCA aged leads, the next step is to call the prospects manually. While making calls to the prospects, an expected you can expect 1 – 3 percent of these merchants are ready to submit an application.

Investing in a lead generation service like ours will prove to be the right decision for your business. It will not only help you find your target prospects, but also allow you to plan a results-oriented, merchant cash advance marketing campaign.

So, if you are working in the MCA industry and are planning to launch a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign to sell business loans, Merchant Financing Leads are here to help.

Call 877-730-4500 now and talk to our marketing team in order to find the right answer for your marketing needs.

Learn How You can Acquire the Best ACH Leads for your MCA Business

For an MCA business, things can work out only when the business owners get their hands on the most qualified leads. ACH leads can be your best call, if you’re confused about what leads to target. The reason behind this is that with this kind of leads, you can assure better results and business growth.

But can you grab these leads on your own? Well, that might not be a good idea. Let’s see why.

ACH Leads

ACH – Automated Clearing House – is an electronic method of transferring funds. This method is usually used by businesses of different types to handle their financial transactions. Generally, businesses receive payments through ACH from their customers.

However, business owners like the MCA providers use the method of ACH for sending funds to their clients.

The reason why ACH is used for the transferring of funds is because it is a fast, convenient, and effective method. This is why the method is widely used by business owners.

Now, how ACH makes a difference for the MCA business owners is because the data of ACH users, known as the ACH leads lists have the information about business owners using this method.

These business owners have used the method of ACH for fund transfer in the past and they’re likely to use it in the future as well. This makes them one of the most qualified leads for the MCA business owners. These leads are easy to be acquired as they are well-acquainted with the ACH method of fund transfer and have no problem using it again.

However, the big question for MCA business owners is where to get the information and data about these MCA leads.

If you go for it on your own and try ACH marketing without expert help, you have great chances of wasting your efforts, time, and money.

Thus, seeking help from professionals is the best bet! Here is how getting help from lead generation service providers like Merchant Financing Leads can help you:

  • No extra research to be done as the ACH leads lists are readily available.
  • The information in the lists is completely accurate and updated with time. So, no time is wasted dealing with outdated information.
  • The lists are very helpful as you know that the business owners are already convinced about using the merchant cash advance for funding. So, you need not tell them everything right from the very beginning about the MCA as they’re already aware about that.

All these benefits about the ACH leads can only be acquired with the help of qualified lead generation experts. We at Merchant Financing Leads can help plan ACH marketing of an MCA business.

Our highly reliable, updated, and handy resources and years of experience can greatly help your MCA business achieve the best results through ACH leads. Our team of experts not only help businesses grab the best leads but also help them by setting up effective ACH marketing campaigns. Thus, you can make the most profit by acquiring the qualified ACH leads for your MCA business.

If you seek such results, you can get in touch with us, today!

Take Your MCA Business to Next Level with Digital Response Leads

For a business to operate smoothly, continuous flow of cash is mandatory. However, small business owners find it difficult to fund their operations and need capital to ensure smooth functioning. But, where does this capital come from?

The first option is to apply for a loan from a traditional bank. But, in times of stagnant economic growth, the traditional banks cease funding to small businesses owing to their poor credit ratings. Businesses must start looking for alternative financing solutions and a merchant cash advance turns out the best answer.  Why?

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MCA Marketing to Live Transfer Merchant Leads? Explain How a Merchant Cash Advance Is Ideal for Businesses with Bad Credit

Nowadays, it seems very difficult for a business to qualify for a traditional bank loan, especially startups and small-scale enterprises. Statistics show that approximately 80% of all small businesses that apply for loans from big banks get rejected for a multitude of reasons. This is when a merchant cash advance leads come to the rescue.

A merchant cash advance leads is a popular alternative to a small business loan. An MCA is a cash advance against future credit card sales. It is paid back by a fixed portion of credit card sales revenue going to the lender. Seeing the benefits, this alternative financing is increasingly gaining popularity. As an MCA provider, you must understand the importance of building clients in this industry.

Finding new prospects is a bit challenging. Thankfully, merchant cash advance live transfer merchant leads exist to help you reach target prospects efficiently. Studies show that there is plenty of room for growth in the merchant cash advance leads the industry as only 10% of a market potentially worth 5 to 10 billion has been mined so far by advance providers. There is plenty of room to penetrate it further. Our live transfer merchant leads are the perfect answer to all your merchant cash advance leads marketing needs.

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Marketing Merchant Cash Advance in this Internet World? Learn Why Hiring a Lead Generation Service is Beneficial!

In this soaring competitive world, marketing a business or product can be a challenging task. When it comes to merchant cash advance marketing, especially with Internet domination, searching for target prospects and launching a strategic advertising campaign is a demanding task.

The experts working in the merchant cash advance industry prefer getting help from a lead generation service to know their target prospects to launch a strategic advertising campaign. Digital response leads from a professional service are the right way to launch a marketing campaign and sell business loans.

Image result for business loan

A merchant cash advance is an alternative funding source for small businesses who do not qualify for a bank loan. Although the MCA industry is just a decade old, owing to the benefits it provides, a number of business owners are opting for this type of financing. However, it has been observed that a number of businesses are not aware of its features. Thankfully, digital response leads exist to help you reach your target prospects efficiently.

These digital response leads will help you reach your prospects well prepared as you get a brief idea about the person you are contacting and can therefore strategize your marketing plan accordingly. The businesses listed are well aware of the alternative financing available and are generally start-ups or new to the industry without a good credit score. Owing to their poor credit ratings, the traditional banks refuse to fund these businesses and they start looking for merchant cash advances. With many benefits, a merchant cash advance proves to be a very helpful and effective alternative funding these days.

Digital response leads contain the name and contact information of all those businesses looking for alternative financing that can be your target prospects. When purchased from a strategic lead generation service, digital response leads can provide the following information-

  • First name- where available
  • Last name – where available
  • Company name – where available
  • Phone # – 100% coverage
  • State – where available
  • Email Address – where available

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At Merchant Financing Leads, we excel in providing fresh and qualified digital response leads that help you understand your target market so you can plan a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign to sell business loans effectively. Our digital response leads are updated on a weekly basis and are prepared from self-reported information direct from merchants looking for working capital within the last 30 – 90 days. When you buy digital response leads from us to launch a marketing campaign to advertise your MCA business, you can rest assured that you are on the right track and marketing becomes simple and effective. You can use our digital response leads for email marketing, telemarketing, refinancing merchant cash advances, etc.

Get in touch with today and plan your next MCA marketing campaign.