UCC Telemarketing Lists: Learn How to Grow Your MCA Business in 2024

When identifying businesses that have taken a business loan or Merchant Cash Advance in the past, UCC leads are an extremely affordable solution. A UCC or Uniform Commercial Code filing is a notice that a business has a security interest in a company’s assets. It represents a collection of established rules that govern how commercial transactions work in the U.S.

UCC merchant cash advance lists can be a valuable tool for any alternative lender to reach business loan borrowers with a verified history of UCC filings. Many MCA providers choose to use UCC telemarketing lists to get in front of business owners with borrowing experience. 

UCC filings from MCA funding companies will give you an advantage since you can get access to the secured filing party information. Here are some good reasons to invest your time and money in UCC merchant cash advance leads:

  • Targeted Audience

UCC telemarketing lists are compiled based on businesses that have recently filed UCC financing statements. This allows MCA companies to target a specific audience. 

  • Identifying Potential Leads

Businesses that file UCC statements indicate a need for quick financing. By investing in UCC telemarketing lists, your MCA company can identify potential leads or prospects that may be more receptive to your financial offers.

  • Timing and Relevance

The timing of your outreach is important in the financial services industry. UCC filings reflect recent financial activities. Investing in UCC telemarketing lists allows you to contact business loan leads when they are likely considering financial options, making the outreach more relevant and timely.

  • Competitive Advantage

Access to UCC leads provides a competitive advantage by allowing MCA providers to stay ahead of competitors. Being among the first to reach out to businesses seeking financing can increase the likelihood of securing deals and building client relationships.

  • Data-Driven Decisions 

UCC filings provide valuable data about a business’s financial health, recent transactions, and potential collateral. This UCC data can be used to make informed decisions, helping you assess the risk and opportunity associated with each prospect.

We offer UCC telemarketing lists with records of companies that have been funded in the past. No need to waste your time and money on disconnected phone numbers! Our lead generation experts carefully scan any UCC data before distributing any leads or lists to you. 

You will get the details like the business name, address, phone number, date of last advance, lending company name, and owner name. Also, if your MCA business has specific requirements or operates within specific states, we can tailor your list to your unique specifications. Connect with us today to request a free quote.