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At times of stagnant economic growth, when traditional banks tighten the loan eligibility criteria for small businesses, they start looking for alternative financing solutions such as a merchant cash advances. Usually, the businesses with low credit ratings are often denied funding from traditional banks.

A merchant cash advance turns out to be a perfect financing alternative to traditional bank loans for a number of reasons. It is an easy, quick-fix solution for the cash-strapped business owner. The merchant cash industry is booming; however, for a MCA loan provider, finding prospective clients is still a challenge.

Fortunately, merchant cash advance live transfer leads exist to help you approach businesses looking for extra funding for working capital. A merchant cash advance is a quickly growing method of funding a business. It is among the most preferred methods due to several benefits associated with it. An MCA is an advance against a business’ future credit card sales. Unlike traditional banks that consider a business’ credit rating to qualify for a loan, a merchant advance doesn’t need a credit check for eligibility.

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Research has shown that “78 percent of all sales happen to go to the businesses who are the first to move with the prospect.”

At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide fresh and qualified live transfer leads that help you know your target prospects and plan a strategic marketing campaign. Our records provide important information such as name, business name, contact details including phone number, address, etc. of your target customers. So, when you plan a merchant cash advance marketing campaign, getting our live transfer leads is the right answer.

By signing up for our merchant cash advance live transfer lead generation campaign, you can rest assured that you will reach your target prospects on a first come basis. They offer you the chance to speak and connect with a prospect the instant they show interest. In this way, our qualified merchant cash advance live transfer leads are the right solution for merchant cash advance promotion.

  • A few benefits of our live transfer leads-
  • DNC compliance
  • Speak only to qualified merchants
  • Pay only for qualified leads
  • Receive leads during banker’s hours – no weekends or holidays

With years of experience in the merchant cash advance industry, we understand what it takes to succeed.  Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable marketing experts are aware of the industry and can guide you in the right direction. First, we understand your business and keeping all the essential factors in mind, we create the best merchant cash advance marketing campaign for you. We blend top-notch technology and well-trained telemarketing marketing representatives to deliver outstanding results.

Our merchant cash advance live transfer leads are extremely reliable and ensure guaranteed prospects due to the quality of our resources and the high conversion quantitative ratio. The lists guarantee accuracy up to 93 percent. In addition, the information contained in the lists is initially checked, confirmed, and then filtered to confirm the integrity and legitimacy of the data.

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If you are working in the merchant cash advance industry and looking for ways to generate sales and increase ROI, sign up for our lead generation program today!