No More Cold Calling for Marketing, Get High Quality Leads Today!

In the current economic scenario, traditional banks have ceased to fund small businesses, owing to their poor credit ratings. As a result, there is a huge demand for alternate ways of funding to help businesses survive or expand in the market. However, this economic downfall has also provided a great opportunity for alternate lenders to establish themselves as merchant cash advance businesses. Still, the major challenge that these businesses face is finding the right borrowers to target. MCA providers often begin with cold calling with no such MCA marketing strategy in practice.

Cold calling for quality business leads

It is important for businesses to understand that having access to relevant MCA leads, that might be willing to take cash advance loans, is much easier than making random calls to find prospective leads. Therefore, knowing a good lead provider to invest your hard-earned capital in, certainly makes sense, so that your MCA marketing strategy can result in better ROI for the business.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we excel at generating high quality MCA leads lists for MCA loan providers. We are made up of professionals who have been in the industry for over a decade and have funded thousands of small businesses, giving millions of dollars in advances. With a thorough industry knowledge, we help lenders that are spending thousands on marketing on a monthly basis. Lenders, with the help of our high quality MCA leads, are able to work on their MCA marketing with a clearer approach, giving quick and concrete results. It’s certainly invaluable to sales growth.

The high quality lead lists that we prepare at Merchant Financing Leads boast a 93% accuracy rate. The leads are checked on several parameters before they are included in the list. However, it’s you who gets to decide on what parameters you choose to fund:

1) Time in Business

2) Monthly Sales Revenues

3) Amount of Funding needed

While banks deny borrowers with anything less than a perfect credit score, it becomes the perfect opportunity for lenders to step in and get more business for themselves. With the right leads in hand, you can stay focused on your MCA marketing tactics. With a steady stream of leads, your sales team can focus on polishing their strengths and expertise, instead of wasting endless hours cold marketing and looking for potential leads.

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The leads provided by Merchant Financing Leads contain all the relevant information, like contact information, credit card sales volume, and the time in business. The lists are compiled from various sources and cross checked for accuracy. Get in touch with us today, to get a list of high quality leads that will fetch guaranteed results and will help you get better ROI for your business.