Buying Up-to-date ACH Data is a Wise Option for Generating Fresh Business Leads. Learn Why

Finding prospective clients and marketing a business is not an easy task. And it is even more difficult when you have little experience or knowledge of it. However, it is one of the most important tasks that you need to perform to accomplish your set objectives. Some businesses, such as clothing stores or food production companies, know what their target market is and can strategize their advertising campaigns accordingly. But, for a business like merchant cash advances, building clientele is no child’s play, and generating fresh business leads will need professional help.

ACH Data

If you are running a merchant cash advance business, you are well aware what it means to reach the right people at right time. Getting an up-to-date ACH leads list can prove quite helpful. The ACH leads list contains important information about all those businesses that have previously obtained a merchant cash advance and are expecting to seek MCA loans in the near future. The information is really useful and it will help you reach those businesses that could be your target market. They provide you with the contact information of all those business owners, from the complete name to the phone number to their exact address.

Generally, the companies that seek this type of loan are mostly new to business. It is mainly start-ups trying to establish themselves in this highly competitive market, and for this, they need funds. However, these businesses in their initial stage do not have a good credit history and are not eligible to be approved for traditional loans. Even the banks have turned strict after the recession and implemented tough eligibility criteria which are sometimes difficult to meet. So, merchant cash advances for your business turn out to be a great funding option.

Buying an up-to-date ACH leads list will help you pitch your MCA loans to the right people. Moreover, these ACH records provide information about the businesses that have already applied for a loan and are familiar with the alternative funding, so you do not need to waste much time educating them about your loan products.

As a merchant cash advance provider, you can buy ACH lists from a reliable company, like ours, and market your services to the companies who are genuinely interested in receiving funding. Once you get an ACH mailing list, the next step is to streamline your marketing campaign. Educate your prospective clients about merchant cash advances. Tell them how easy the MCA loans are to apply for and that repayments are even easier. An ACH Advance is a merchant cash advance transaction that is repaid via direct daily ACH bank debits instead of a merchant account. This type of advance is also known as a revenue advance. Since ACH leads are those that use ACH funding for the purpose of lending cash advances, businesses can target their marketing with ACH leads lists.

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However, finding a trusted ACH mailing list provider is also important to grow your funding business. The team at Merchant Financing Leads understands your concerns and business needs and will work closely with you to provide up-to-date ACH leads lists that perfectly match your business requirements and objectives. All our ACH data lists are updated every month to ensure that our customers get the most accurate information and can target their loan marketing campaigns the right way. Our lists are available at affordable prices to make it an experience worth investing in.

So, get in touch with Merchant Financing Leads to buy our highly targeted lists to successfully launch your marketing campaign.