Why Businesses Are Turning towards Merchant Cash Advance Loans and How You Can Fund Them

For years, the lending market was predominantly run by traditional banks, where every business had to abide by their terms and conditions. But following the recession, traditional banks started to refuse loans to businesses, even though businesses still had a need for capital. The introduction of Merchant Cash Advance loans opened the door for small firms to still be able to take out loans, irrespective of their credit history or time in business. Since then, Merchant Cash Advances, or MCA’s, have dominated the loan industry. Here are some of the reasons why Merchant Cash Advance loans have taken the place of traditional loans:

1) Convenience – MCA loans are quite convenient and easy for all types of businesses to acquire. Unlike the traditional loans, these Merchant Cash Advances do not require months of back and forth before you are ever even considered. There is no need to provide a specific business plan or your tax returns either. Normally you will only need recent copies of your bank statements, a recent CRA assessment, and proof of your sales to receive a MCA loan.

2) Micro-Payments – Every month, small payments are made instead of large sums towards the EMI. This feature helps businesses grow, as they do not have to worry about hefty monthly payments.

Even with all of these benefits, it can be difficult for MCA providers to sell their services to businesses in need of this type of funding. Many business owners are not knowledgeable about these services, which makes it difficult for them to choose the provider that is best for them. But, through merchant cash advance advertising, MCA providers can directly connect with the businesses that are actively looking for capital to grow their business. However, calling random people to hunt for prospective leads is a tiring and time consuming process.

In order to make their marketing strategies effective, MCA providers can now buy highly targeted merchant cash advance mailing lists. The merchant cash advance mailing lists contain the contact details of businesses who might be interested in getting a loan. The lists are compiled from several sources, and are frequently updated, so that MCA providers can get the best ROI on their marketing efforts. With a handy list of merchant cash advance leads, businesses can create targeted email marketing campaigns and get a high response rate as a result.

There are many MCA providers who do not have access to filtered leads and waste their precious time and resources on marketing that just simply does not work. Luckily, a list of merchant cash advance leads can get them the leads that are genuinely interested in getting a loan.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide highly targeted lists, so get in touch with us today to get your highly targeted leads list. We provide lists with up to 93% accuracy that will help your business grow.