Targeting UCC Leads? Explain How a Merchant Cash Advance Is Better Than a Credit Card Cash Advance

Having access to quality UCC leads list is one of the most effective ways to reach your target customers in the merchant financing business. It is quite understandable that finding and building clients in the merchant cash advance industry is not easy. However, getting qualified UCC leads lists is the ideal option to know your target prospects and reach them well-prepared.

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For a business, whether a manufacturing unit or the service industry, to execute operations successfully, you need a smooth flow of cash as working capital. An established business has sufficient funds to ensure a smooth flow of operations, but for small businesses, especially startups, funds are still a challenge. And, owing to the ongoing repercussions caused by the lingering effects of the recession, the traditional banks are ceasing to fund businesses with poor credit ratings. So, these businesses look for alternative financing. A credit cash advance is a popular funding option because of the quick availability, but this financing involves huge fees which result in a long-term debt, sometimes for years beyond the actual time of the cash advance. Thankfully, a more flexible and easy alternative to financing is available for the business having a low or no credit rating–that is the Merchant Cash Advance.

A merchant cash advance allows a business to receive funds against their company’s future sales. So, when a business owner is in need of immediate cash, but does not have the necessary credit, assets or waiting time needed for traditional financing, a MCA is the perfect option.

So, when you plan merchant cash advance marketing, it is important that you let your targeted UCC leads know how and why a merchant cash advance is better than credit card cash advance-

  • MCA funding is easy to qualify for. A merchant cash advance depends on actual business performance instead of credit when assessing applicants, so the financing offers a high approval rate.
  • A merchant cash advance doesn’t need any collateral or credit unlike traditional financing that has set terms and conditions which are sometimes difficult to meet.
  • MCA funding doesn’t place any restrictions on the cash advance; you can use it the way you want–to buy new equipment, pay wages to employees, etc.
  • A merchant cash advance is immediate cash; the loan application process is quite easy and quick, and you can expect the loan almost immediately.

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Why Merchant Funding is better than a Credit Cash Advance

The businesses listed on UCC lists are those new in the industry looking for easy and flexible financing. So, your targeted UCC leads want a business loan that is transparent and easily accessible. And, a merchant cash advance brings an overall transparency to your business; there is no hidden fees such as an application fee or processing costs. While a credit card cash advance may solve a short-term problem, it is not a long-term solution. Using a credit card to advance funds to keep your business solvent will only harm your company’s long-term outlook. So, when marketing merchant cash advance, let your prospects know that using a cash advance to fund their company’s operations is just not a very smart option for their business.

Explaining merchant cash advance benefits to your UCC leads will help you sell loans in an easier and more efficient way.