Up-to-Date ACH Leads List Can Help Grow Your MCA Business.

Gone are the days when traditional banks were the only funding option available for cash-strapped businesses. Moreover, we all are aware that getting a loan from bank and other traditional providers is not at all easy. There is a long list of formalities, set eligibility criteria which businesses, especially startups, find difficult to meet and fixed monthly payments that can be quite stressing.

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For startups and businesses looking for easy and quick funding options, merchant cash advances are the ideal solution. The businesses that are in need of immediate capital to fund their business operations have a billion dollar industry eager to fund them: MCA providers. The industry is just a decade old, but it has shown significant growth in the last few years. MCA providers offer a lump sum payment to businesses against a share of future sales. These business owners prefer the easy funding options of merchant cash advances, thus providing plenty of room for the growth of the merchant cash advance industry. This is an opportunity for you as a loan provider.

There are numerous strategies available for the merchant cash advance provider so they can target businesses that are desperately in need of funds, but it is still difficult to ensure if they are targeting the right people or not. The best solution to ensure you are reaching the right prospects is getting relevant lists from a reputable lead generation company. Buying quality ACH mailing lists and considering ACH marketing is the ideal way to target businesses looking for funds in order for you to sell loans.

An ACH Advance is a merchant cash advance transaction and is generally preferred by businesses over other types of payments. They are repaid via direct daily ACH bank debits; this type of advance is also known as revenue advance. Since ACH leads are those that use ACH funding for the purpose of lending cash advances, businesses can target their marketing with such lists.

An ACH list contains the names and contact information of all those businesses that could be your loan service. These are businesses that have obtained a merchant cash advance at one time and are expected to seek this type loan again in future. These businesses make your ideal customer as they are aware of the loan process and do not need much explanation on your part. Having these targeted lists will help you pitch your MCA loans to the right prospects. More importantly, the businesses listed are familiar with alternate financing routes; therefore they prove to be a more solid prospective set of clients for you.

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A business in its growing phase needs a reliable source of capital for successful growth, especially startups and small businesses. And, merchant cash advances can facilitate this growth; however, it’s not easy to do so without a trusted data partner. Merchant Financing Leads works closely with you to deliver ACH mailing lists that match your business requirements and goals. With over 12 years of experience in the B2B marketing area, Merchant Financing Leads offers highly-targeted lists that help you reach out to business owners with a structured marketing strategy.

Get in touch with Merchant Financing Leads and buy quality up-to-date ACH lists today and enhance your business sales.