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Take Your MCA Marketing to Next level with Our Live Transfer Leads

The MCA industry is booming right now and has attracted millions due to its beneficial features and easy loan process. However, the merchant funding providers face difficulty in finding prospective clients. Thankfully, live transfer leads list to exist and help you reach the targeted market efficiently.

A merchant cash advance is a fast-growing method of funding a business. It is among one of the most preferred methods of funding due to several benefits associated with it. Moreover, ever since the traditional banks have ceased funding to small businesses owing to their poor credit ratings, merchant cash advance has proven to be an effective solution.

Merchant cash advance explained………                        

Cash advance is an easy and flexible financing alternative for the growing businesses. Generally, a merchant cash is an advance on the future credit card sales of your business. Unlike traditional banks, a merchant cash advance doesn’t need any kind of collateral and stays off your credit report which is a very beneficial factor for the growing businesses.

As an MCA provider when you consider merchant cash advance marketing your targeted market includes retail, service companies, and restaurants etc. that have massive credit-card or debit card sales daily. Usually, these businesses could not qualify for hefty bank loans because they either have bad credit or little or no security.

Moreover, studies have found that there is a plenty of room for growth in the merchant cash advance industry as only 10% of a market potentially worth $5 billion to $10 billion has been pondered so far by the Advance providers. There is a big space for penetrating it further. And, our qualified live transfer lead is the perfect answer to all your merchant cash advance marketing needs.


Live Transfer Leads- a perfect solution for your MCA marketing

Basically, a live transfer lead is when a lead generating company screens a possible lead and immediately connects it to the company through live transfers. At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide DNC compliance live transfer lead generation program for the industry. Since our inception, we have been generating quality leads for the merchant cash advance industry and understand the industry needs and what it takes to succeed.

Our well-trained call center representatives make use of our proprietary business owner database to deliver outstanding results from our merchant cash advance live transfer campaigns. Our network of call centers is generating hundreds of qualified live transfers on a daily basis. Let our experienced staff to handle all your inbound marketing needs and experience a boost in your sales.

Our Qualified Live Transfer Leads Feature:

  • Businesses listed herein need funding within one to two weeks
  • Have minimum 1+ year in business
  • Borrower have an immediate use for the funds
  • Online tracking portal
  • Directly communicate with the business owner/decision maker
  • $10,000 or more a month in Gross Sales Revenue

So, if you are planning merchant cash advance marketing to sell business loans efficiently, getting our qualified live transfer leads is the ultimate solution.