Selling a Loan to ACH Lists? Know Why it’s Important to Educate Your Prospects on ACH Transactions.

The economic downturn has still managed to leave scars on many business owners. It has caused many of them to encounter cash shortfalls that have jeopardized their businesses. To continue to function, businesses need a reliable capital source, and this is where MCA loan providers fit in. There are plenty of opportunities for merchant cash advance providers to look for the businesses who are desperately in the need of funds to sustain in the market. But how can they ensure that they’re targeting the right people? Well, in order to find that out, MCA providers can buy relevant lists from a lead generation company and market their services to business owners. Businesses can buy ACH leads and streamline their ACH marketing.

MCA providers need to be strategic in gathering their ACH leads and also with their marketing strategies. They can target businesses that have considerable credit-card sales, even if they have a poor credit rating. Without a list of potential borrowers, ACH marketing goes to waste and doesn’t produce desirable results. Generate Leads

ACH payments are payments that are electronically deducted every month on a given date from a consumer’s bank account. When combined with the direct deposit of your paycheck, such payments remove a lot of the hassle associated with paying your bills each month. But before proceeding with such payments, you really need to educate your prospects on ACH transactions.

Scroll down and take a look at the advantages that your prospects can avail from ACH transactions:


With an automated payment, you don’t have to worry about writing a check, finding a stamp, and getting it into the mail on time. If you travel on business frequently, you also have peace of mind knowing that your bills are being paid even when you’re away from home.

It’s safe

With an ACH payment, you can immediately see that your payment is received, unlike a mailed payment. Also, there’s no chance that your check is lost or stolen or anything else.

It’s quick

Your payment arrives more quickly with an ACH payment than if you mail a check.

Lower transaction cost

One of the biggest appeals to ACH payments is low processing fees, compared to checks or credit cards. The funds get transferred between the two bank accounts through a clearinghouse, keeping the transaction cost very low.

It’s More Secure  

It’s no secret that identity theft is a concern for you and your clients. When customers provide the information required to make an ACH payment, it is entered into a secure system and encrypted.

Reduces Churn – Failed Payments

Failed Payments continue to be one of the main reasons for churn. The probability of a bank transfer failing is very low. Unlike card transactions, bank transfers fail only for a handful of reasons, such as insufficient funds, wrong bank account information, and so on.

Go Green!

No paper checks = less paper. Going green is good for the environment, and for your wallet.

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Therefore, if you’re selling loans to the ACH lists, these few points can work wonders to teach the importance of ACH transactions to your potential prospects. So, go ahead and take the leap! More bank transactions are completed by ACH payments each year than by paper checks, and the number of such payments is growing steadily. As a business owner, accepting ACH payments makes it convenient for your customers to pay for goods and services, which helps improve your cash flow and boost profitability. So, make your prospects aware of the advantages of adopting ACH payments early in business, which, in turn will help them have a strong eligibility for future loans.