Our Live Transfer Leads are an Ideal Way to Reach Prospects and Market MCAs

For any business whether small or large, a continuous flow of cash is needed to operate smoothly. For large established businesses with a good credit rating, traditional banks offer loans without difficulties. However; for the small business owner still in its beginning phase or without good credit, qualifying for a business loan from traditional providers is quite difficult. At times of stagnant growth, traditional banks have stopped funding to small businesses in part because of to their insufficient credit. They start looking for alternative financing, and a merchant cash advance turns out to be a viable solution.

Although a merchant cash advance is increasingly gaining in popularity as alternative financing among business owners, it has been observed that an MCA provider is still facing difficulty in finding good target prospects and selling business loans. Fortunately, high-targeted lists such as live transfer leads exist to help you reach the best prospects.  For a merchant cash advance provider, planning to launch an MCA marketing campaign to sell business loans, getting real time leads from a trustworthy lead generation service like ours is a good business decision. At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide the most cost-effective and DNC-compliant live transfer lead generation program for the merchant cash advance businesses. We strive to provide fresh and qualified live transfer leads that help you reach prospects quickly.

live transferWith years of experience in the MCA industry, we have a thorough understanding of market situations and will provide the best lead generation program to help you attract loan leads and increase your sales. Our dedicated and experienced sales team will plan a perfect MCA marketing program for your business that yields greater results.  By blending top notch technology, a proprietary business owner database and well-trained call center representatives, we deliver outstanding results to help your business accomplish your goals.

A glimpse of the benefits of getting live transfer leads from us

  • DNC Compliance- No voice broadcasts or press 1
  • Money saving- you pay only for qualified leads
  • With our live transfers, you only speak to qualified merchants
  • The leads specified on our lists need funding within one to two weeks

We generate reliable live transfer leads and ensure the smooth functioning of your MCA marketing campaign. Because of the credibility of our resources and the high conversion ratio, our live transfer leads assure guaranteed prospects. Unlike an ordinary lead generation service that delivers lists without any checks, the data contained in our live transfers is verified, confirmed and then filtered to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the information. To make your merchant cash advance marketing program hassle-free and results-oriented, we update our leads on monthly and changes are made as and when necessary.

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If you are working in the MCA industry and are looking for ways to sell business loans, getting our fresh and qualified live transfer leads is the right choice. Having access to quality leads will help you know who your target customers are which will help you formulate strategies to launch a perfect marketing plan for selling business loans.