Five Lucrative Benefits of Merchant Cash Advances that Attract your ACH Leads to Buy Loans from you

Merchant cash advances are a popular alternative to a small business loan. Businesses new in the industry that do not have a good credit rating often struggle to qualify for banks loans, and thus a merchant cash advance comes out as the best alternative solution.

Though this alternative type of funding is increasingly gaining popularity, finding and building clients in the merchant cash advance industry is still a challenge. Thankfully, high-targeted lists such as ACH leads exist that help you reach potential clients easily. An ACH leads list is highly useful for marketing merchant cash advances. The list contains the name and contact information of all those businesses who have previously applied for a merchant cash advance and are expected to seek this type of loan again in the near future.

Merchant Cash AdvanceHowever, when considering merchant cash advance marketing to sell business loans, it is important to acquaint your prospects with the profitable benefits associated with this funding alternative.

Here are 5 benefits of merchant cash advance that will encourage your ACH leads to buy loans from you-

It is available to businesses with bad credit ratings– As we all know, traditional bank loans require a business to have a good credit score whereas an MCA doesn’t have any such requirement. Explaining to your ACH leads how this alternative funding is an advantage for those with bad credit ratings will help you sell business loans more efficiently.

A merchant cash advance is easier to qualify for– In addition to being available to people with bad credit, a merchant cash advance offers easy eligibility criteria. Unlike the traditional banks that take months to approve loans, a merchant cash advance offers an easy application and approval process with very little paper work. This is the reason it is called immediate cash.

No restriction on cash usage– One of the main benefits that your ACH leads would be pleased to know is that a merchant cash advance is the alternative funding program that doesn’t place any restriction on the usage of cash. A business owner is free to use the funds the way they want- to buy equipment, pay wages, etc. thus enhancing their company’s operations whereas a traditional loan restricts the funds usage.

Immediate cash– Yes, a merchant cash advance is immediate cash. With an easy loan application process, very little paperwork and no time-consuming formalities, an MCA gives you quick access to cash. Unlike traditional bank loans, that can take weeks or months , a merchant cash advance are granted within a week of  applying .

No hidden costs– As you all know, traditional financing requires a business owner to pay an application fee, but a merchant cash advance doesn’t involve any extra costs for getting an approval. Thus, when a business owner applies for a merchant cash advance, they need not worry about hidden fees.

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When you plan and execute merchant cash advance marketing using high-targeted ACH leads, explaining how an MCA makes an ideal solution for cash-struggling businesses will help you sell business loans efficiently.