Explaining the ‘How’ of a Merchant Cash Advance Will Help you Target Digital Response Leads and Sell MCAs effectively

Are you working in the merchant cash advance industry and looking for ways to sell business loans? Have you ever wondered how helpful digital response leads can be part of your merchant cash advance marketing campaign? Digital response leads are one of the most effective and valuable means of attracting business loans leads and sell merchant cash advances.

Digital response leads contain names and contact information of all those businesses looking for alternative financing and they can be your target prospects. These leads lists provide complete information about a business including company name, first and last name, phone number, state, email address, etc. Once you have access to digital response leads, the next step is to formulate a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign that makes selling business loans efficient and faster. Explaining the “how” of a merchant cash advance will help you launch a successful marketing campaign and sell business loans efficiently.

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At times of stagnant growth when traditional banks stop funding small businesses due to to their bad credit ratings, a merchant cash advance comes to their rescue. This alternative funding features an easy, flexible and quick loan process that allows for the financing of business operations and ensures smooth business  functions. As an MCA provider targeting digital response leads it is important to explain the “how” and “what if” of these business loans in order to maximize sales and profits. The following points will help you understand how to approach your target customers-

How do business loan leads acquire these loans?

Merchant loans are easier to acquire and the funds are quickly available in contrast to a traditional bank loan. It is clearly understandable that not all of your target prospects will be aware of MCA beneficial features and are sure to resist this financing method. You will need to be a little proactive in your approach and make your prospects(your digital response leads) aware of how this alternative financing method is the best approach in today’s market .

How does the cash advance loan process works?

A Merchant Cash Advance is a newer, faster, easier and smarter way to get capital for a business. A merchant cash is an advance on future credit card sales of a business. To repay the advance, the lender takes a fixed percentage of business’s total credit sales every day until the advance is fully paid. The major advantage is that the business is not paying back large sums at once, so the repayment process doesn’t gouge company profits. More importantly there is no need of any type of collateral or business credit rating to seek funds.

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How can they spend borrowed funds?

Unlike traditional bank loans that restrict capital usage, a merchant cash advance is free to use in any manner. Explain to your digital response leads that they can spend the borrowed funds on any business-related purpose that can benefit your business including hiring more employees, buying new equipment, purchasing another site, initiating more advertising , marketing, and much more.

So, when you consider merchant cash advance marketing, it is important to illustrate the “how” of this alternative financing so that selling MCA is easier and faster.