Planning Merchant Cash Advance Marketing? Got MCA Leads? It’s Not About Selling the Loans, but About Selling the Benefits

Though the merchant cash advance industry is booming right now, finding and building clients is still a challenge. As a merchant cash advance provider, you understand the importance of finding prospective clients and selling business loans. While MCAs are increasingly gaining popularity as a funding option among businesses, considering a marketing plan is vital to selling the loans efficiently. Continue reading Planning Merchant Cash Advance Marketing? Got MCA Leads? It’s Not About Selling the Loans, but About Selling the Benefits

Why Businesses Prefer Merchant Cash Advance and How You Can Fund Them

Gone are the days when traditional banks were the only funding option available for the struggling businesses. Nowadays, several alternative financing options have emerged that help startups and small businesses meet their capital needs in an easy way. Moreover, at times of stagnant economic growth, banks also refuse loans to businesses having poor credit ratings, so they look for alternative financing. In such a situation, merchant cash advances come out to be the best solution for the businesses struggling to get loans from banks. This is where you come in, but MCA providers continue to face difficulties finding the right prospects. Having a merchant cash advance leads list will help you target the right ones.

Two Major Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

Convenience- A merchant cash advance is a convenient and easy alternative financing option for all types of businesses. Unlike traditional loans, it does not require months of back and forth before the lean is even considered. There is no need to provide a specific business plan or back tax returns either. Normally, candidates for the loan will only need recent copies of recent bank statements and proof of your sales to receive an MCA loan.

Repayments are Even Simple- Unlike traditional banks where the borrowers pay a fixed monthly instalment as repayment, merchant cash advance repayments are a percentage amount of total credit sales, which can fluctuate based on sales volume. This feature is quite beneficial for the businesses as they do not have to worry about hefty monthly payments.

Though merchant cash advances are the most flexible business loans available, still it can be difficult for MCA providers to sell their services to businesses in need of this type of funding. The biggest reason is that most business owners aren’t aware about this alternative type of funding and how beneficial it can be. However, with merchant cash advance advertising, MCA providers can directly connect with the businesses that are actively looking for capital to grow. However, calling random people to hunt for prospective leads is a tiring and time-consuming process.

So, if you want your merchant cash advance marketing to garner effective results, the best way is to buy a merchant cash advance mailing list. These highly-targeted mailing lists contain detailed information about businesses who are seeking loans including contact details, city, phone numbers, etc. Having a reliable merchant cash advance leads list will help you launch an effective merchant cash advance advertising campaign to sell loans efficiently.

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At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide highly-targeted lists that will help you find prospective clients and sell business loans efficiently. Our lists are compiled from several sources and are frequently updated so MCA providers can get the best ROI on their marketing efforts. Get in touch with us today to get your highly-targeted leads list. We provide lists with up to 93% accuracy that will help your business grow.

Thinking of Merchant Cash Advance Advertising? Does Buying Leads Make Sense? Yes, Absolutely!

The people who are working in the MCA industry are well aware how challenging merchant cash advance advertising can be. With a number of MCA providers emerging rapidly due to its gaining popularity, the competition is getting tough. Moreover, as a MCA loan provider, you know building clients is not easy. The best approach to finding prospective clients is to buy a quality leads list.

Merchant cash advance leads can be a boon for your MCA business. These lists contain names and information on those businesses who are new in the industry, generally startups that do not have a good credit rating. Owing to their bad credit history or no credit at all, the banks are not ready to fund them, and these startups aren’t able to meet the tough criteria set by the traditional banks. So, MCA turns out to be the best funding option for them and, so do merchant cash advance leads for you.

While many MCA providers prefer finding their own prospective clients, little do they realize how much time they are wasting on it, which could be utilized for performing other activities such as expanding their businesses. Most people do not realize that converting leads is a big job that requires adequate knowledge about marketing tactics.

When you think of merchant cash advance advertising and consider buying leads, there are two important things you need to know:

  • Are you going to do the job of following up and nurturing them?
  • Can you afford to finance it?

According to Robert Clay, founder of Marketing Wizdom, “80% of sales are backed by 8% of the salesmen.” How does this happen? Clay says that at least 5 follow-ups are needed after the initial contact before the eventual sale, but mostly people give up after just 2 attempts. For the determined ones, their persistence pays off.

While buying a merchant cash advance leads list proves quite helpful, you need to understand the marketing tactics involved as well. When you contact a client twice and they do not respond, it doesn’t mean the lead is dead. When a customer doesn’t get pre-approved for a reason like poor credit or short time in business, the lead isn’t dead. It doesn’t matter what they are saying; your lead still exists. So, knowing the right marketing tactics will help you win clients and sell business loans more efficiently.

The MCA industry has flourished in recent years, especially after the economic recession. So, now is the right time to invest in merchant cash advance leads and approach your target audience being well prepared. Look for a reliable provider that offers quality leads that are verified for accuracy and authenticity.

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At Merchant Financing Leads, we offer highly-targeted merchant cash advance leads lists for your business loan marketing. We excel at generating quality lead lists that are up to 93% accurate and phone verified. We are a team of experts who have been in the industry for over a decade now. With the targeted lists we compile, we have helped hundreds of business loan providers save thousands of dollars on marketing.

Our Up-to-Date Leads Lists Will Help You Close Merchant Loan Leads Successfully. Here’s How!

As a merchant cash advance provider working in the industry, you should be well aware of the importance of high-quality leads to keep a business running successfully. While you are putting in every effort to market your MCA business, getting quality MCA leads list is vital to know your prospects and target them efficiently.

For any business, having an up-to-date list of guaranteed prospects for lead generation is a critical investment. There are times when businesses are not doing well, and you want quick and easy sources to find a way to acquire these fresh leads. While you might allocate the task of generating fresh leads to your lead providers, you may see a significant gap between your investments and returns. So, what can be the solution?

Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Also, before you consider merchant cash advance marketing, it is important for you to know your prospects; otherwise, the whole idea of marketing goes in the trash. As a successful business owner, you have your goals to grow your business further, gain more leads and close more merchant loan deals. However, generating quality leads that can drive your business is not easy. In fact, as the market becomes more and more saturated, the task gets even more difficult with each passing day. Merchant Financing Leads comes to your rescue in such a situation and becomes your partner in your quest to find quality leads and close more business deals effectively.

As an efficient lead generation firm, we understand your concerns and business needs and will work closely with you to provide high-quality up-to-date MCA leads lists that perfectly match your business requirements and objectives. All our data is updated every month to ensure that our customers get the most accurate information available and can target their business loan marketing campaigns just the right way. Our lists are available at affordable prices to make it worth investing. Using our fresh, up-to-date merchant cash advance mailing lists will help you reach your prospects well-prepared. We make sure that all the data is filtered and only the names of the most relevant companies are to be found in the list.

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Our MCA leads lists ensure over 93 percent accuracy; and, more importantly, have been created from the most reliable sources and are highly authentic. With Merchant Financing Leads, you are able to save your precious time and efforts by directing your energy to a list of prudently selected, guaranteed top quality prospects. So, before you plan to invest your hard-earned capital in merchant cash advance marketing, be sure to invest in a quality leads list. Merchant Financing Leads is your ideal solution. However, if the purchased list does not bring you the promised results, and you get a high percentage of disconnected numbers, we will replace all the data for you for free. All our merchant cash advance mailing lists are regularly updated to bring to you the most accurate and current information available in the market. Our experienced team joins hands with you to provide an exceptional experience as well as a significant boost to your business.

For more information and queries, visit today

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In the present economic scenario, the traditional banks have ceased to fund small businesses owing to their bad credit history during the recent recession. Merchant Cash Advances have emerged as the ultimate financing option for these developing companies. More and more businesses are considering merchant cash advance to fund their business operations such as paying wages, buying new equipment and merchandise, etc.

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Getting a Quality ACH Leads List Can Boost Your MCA Business. Here’s How.

Automated Clearing House, or ACH, is the electronic funds transfer network that processes debit and credit transactions in batches. Businesses find it a convenient way to receive payments from their customers and also recollect funds, especially merchant cash advances. Since the traditional banks have introduced strict policies and ceased to fund small business with poor credit ratings, merchant cash advances are the best solution.

quality leadsHowever, unlike other businesses such as fashion stores, restaurants, etc. where finding prospective clients is easy, the MCA industry needs a more tricky approach. Finding prospective clients in the merchant cash advance industry is not child’s play. While as a MCA loan provider, you want to find prospective clients, it is really a time-consuming process and sometimes you end up contacting the wrong leads. So, getting a list of quality leads from a reputed lead generation service is the best approach. In this regard, ACH leads lists can prove quite helpful.

ACH leads contain the names and contact information for all those businesses who are looking for merchant cash advances as a source of alternative financing. Mostly, these businesses are the ones who have previously obtained a merchant cash advance and are expecting to seek this type of loan once again in the near future. Generally, the businesses opting for MCA loans are startups or companies with a bad credit history. To establish themselves in the marketplace, MCA is the best funding option for them. So, getting a quality ACH leads list will help you pitch your MCA loans to the right target audience. Besides this, all the businesses listed are familiar with alternate financing routes; therefore, they prove to be a sorted prospective set of clients for you.

ACH records will be an asset for your company’s marketing plans. Here, your target audience is only a phone call or a direct mail piece away. It will save you a lot of time, as you will not have to pick up a telephone directory and start calling random numbers. This will help you boost your sales and profits. For an MCA loan provider, looking for leads, these are very effective, since they bridge the gap between a lender and a borrower.

At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide high-quality ACH leads that help you reach your prospects successfully. We are a team of highly-qualified and dedicated marketing professionals who have been in the industry for a decade now and have assisted hundreds of thousands of businesses find prospective clients and sell MCA loans, thus helping them accomplish their goals. Having our fresh, up-to-date quality leads list in hand, you can reach your target customers fast and work on marketing campaigns with a more definite and clear approach, thus generating quick and concrete results.

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Our ACH leads list are constantly refreshed ensuring that our customers don’t miss out on any opportunity. The ACH records contain the accurate spelling of the company name, a confirmed mailing address, phone number, etc. Also, we provide 100 percent authentic records. We believe it is a good practice to ensure the authenticity of the list prior to executing any strategy further.

Get in touch with Merchant Financing Leads today and get quality ACH leads to boost your MCA business now.

Selling MCA Loans? Learn How a Trustworthy UCC Lead Generation Service Provider Can Help You Get Ahead of the Game

If you are working in the merchant cash advance industry, you are familiar with the importance of building clients and selling loans. When it comes to selling MCA loans, you need to know your target audience. Fortunately, UCC leads lists exist and undoubtedly, they are a great help.

UCC lists are records containing information, such as name and contact details, of those businesses that have applied for merchant cash advances before and wish to do so again. When planning to launch a marketing campaign to sell MCA loans, getting UCC records will help you reach your prospects more thoroughly.

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Learn the Right Techniques of Pitching to Your MCA Leads Effectively

In today’s competitive market, businesses are hunting for leads and looking for innovative ways to generate MCA leads. Being an MCA business owner, you understand the pain of generating leads, ROI, and overall profits. It’s not only about finding the leads, but also about the volume of potential leads that determine the growth and revenue for your Merchant Cash Advance business. Otherwise, you’re out of the show and the entire game is a big flop! Getting a large volume of MCA leads is okay, but to turn these leads into a success, requires a great strategy. It’s entirely up to you to create the good pitch! At times, poor marketing strategies also let the leads and profit slip through your fingers. Handling merchant cash advance live transfers effectively could be easy access for closing your potential clients. This is what delivers the goal and objectives of your business and also helps you achieve your targeted ROI.

MCA Leads

Pitching a business lead is an art. All you require is the understanding that you’re positively putting an effort of building a relationship with your prospective clients.  So you try painting a better picture of your product or service into your prospect’s mind. Take a look at how to pitch a lead more effectively, and how you can apply it to your business to take a merchant cash advance live transfer lead on.

Introduce yourself

While opening a call, it’s required to first introduce yourself to your leads. Identify yourself first, before talking about live transfer leads, and ask whom you’re speaking with. Call opening is not just to introduce yourself to the lead, but to also take control of the call right from the beginning. Taking control on the call requires complete research and homework. And, people who have not done their homework properly often end up calling prospects or leads who are not interested in knowing about their products.

Educate your prospects

It’s always better to educate your prospects rather than to market them! In fact, this is a great way of fostering a relationship with your prospect or leads. Just pushing a sales pitch never works for any business. Because people really want to know why they should buy any product or service from you and also which way it is going to benefit them. So, make sure you’re prepared for this. Also, from this part of call, you will get to know if the prospect is even worthy of your pitch. And it’s always good to write down a few possible questions in advance and keep them handy while on the call.

Pitch it differently

This is the right moment to build value to your product or service that you’re trying selling to your prospects. After you have evaluated your prospects, you enter into the phase where you need to define the unique selling proposition of your product. You need to be ready with what makes you different or why you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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Do your pitch more efficiently

Be ready to face objections and rejections over the call. Please keep in your mind that your prospects can raise an objection to any of the points made by you. So, you need to be ready with a convincing comeback strategy.

Call closing

It’s better to give an option to choose to your prospects and value their objections and queries.

Because it’s not just convincing them to buy any product or service from you, it’s also showing respect to the choices they make. This way, you can further counsel them on making the right choice.