Tired of Ineffective Business Loan Leads? Try Our Qualified Live Transfers and Reap the Benefits

A merchant cash advance is the fastest, simplest and most beneficial alternative to business funding since traditional banks have stopped financing. Due to the advantageous features associated with this funding method, many business owners prefer it over other financing. For businesses with low no credit, a merchant cash is the best solution.

Featuring flexible and straightforward benefits, an MCA is quickly gaining in popularity. However, when it comes to searching for prospective clients in the competitive merchant cash industry it is not that easy. Unlike other industries like manufacturing and services, where the target customers are known, in the merchant cash industry finding new prospective clients can be difficult. Just like any other industry knowing your target customers is important. While some of the businesses may search for prospects themselves, often they forget how much time and resources are needed if you plan to launch a merchant cash advance marketing campaign, targeting the right customers become essential. Fortunately, high-targeted lists such as live transfer leads exist to help you know who your target prospects are.

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The best way to find prospective clients in the MCA industry is to hire a strategic lead generation service. Merchant Financing Leads is one of the most trusted names providing fresh and qualified live transfer leads to help you accomplish your marketing goals. We offer cost-effective and DNC compliant live transfer lead generation programs. With years of experience in the MCA industry, we understand the basics and know what strategies and plans work to succeed. We have a team of qualified and dedicated sales professionals who will recognize your business needs and provide you with quality leads to help launch a compelling marketing campaign.

Advantages of our live transfer leads:

  • DNC compliance
  • Speak to qualified merchants
  • Pay for qualified leads
  • Receive leads during banker hours: no holidays or weekends

Usually the businesses listed are those new to the industry that do not have a good credit rating and do not qualify for a traditional bank loan. A merchant cash advance is the ultimate solution which makes them a potential customer.

The live transfer leads we generate will meet the following criteria:

  • Speaking directly to the business owner/ decision maker
  • The merchant needs funding within 1 to 2 weeks
  • Minimum 1+ year in business

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If you are tired of those ineffective business loan leads, get in touch with us today and launch a better MCA marketing campaign. Our live transfer leads have been generated using the most reliable sources guaranteeing reliability and consistency. Having access to quality leads will help you know who your target customers are, which will help you formulate strategies to launch the perfect merchant cash advance marketing campaign for selling business loans.