Tips for Effective Direct Mails to Target Merchant Cash Advance Leads

As merchant cash advance loans have become a popular choice, more and more businesses are opting for this mode of funding. Because of this, the competition is high when it comes to selling a MCA loan. MCA providers try their best at advertising their loans and they may even invest huge amounts of money in their marketing campaigns. In spite of that, businesses don’t get the desired return on their investment.


However, the businesses that know the MCA industry inside out know how to have an edge over others. They know exactly when a lead generation agency can help. And that’s what can make a difference. Therefore, if you have a list of merchant cash advance leads handy, all you have to do is figure out how to utilize it for maximum returns.

Over the years, effective direct mail marketing has become a type of art form. So, when you decide to use direct mail marketing, you have to ensure that your mail compels your recipient to read what you have communicated. Your direct mail should stand out from the crowd and make an effective impression.

Here are a few tips to optimize your responses.

1. Jot down relevant information

No one has the time to read a full page of mail. They just want to know what you are offering to sell as quickly as possible. Don’t make the recipient struggle to find out what you want. In bold letters, place all the key information and then provide the remaining details.

2. Keep it short and simple

Don’t make your mail too long. In today’s hectic work environment, where everyone receives countless letters, no one has enough time to go through every piece of mail they receive. Keep it short and to the point. Use short punchy paragraphs and don’t drone on. Quickly get to the point.

3. Break the text into small paragraphs

Lengthy paragraphs are never appealing. It breaks the reader’s attention and they don’t feel like continuing to read. Shorter paragraphs hold the reader and make them jump from one to another, wanting to read on.

4. Apply the “Me-Marketing” strategy

Ultimately, the recipient wants to know how things will benefit them. What is in it for them? Answer this question as early as possible. You have to justify that they can achieve a lot if they opt for the services you are offering them. Your audience has to feel that they are understood, so write something that directly relates them with the corresponding situation. Don’t use a heavy conversational tone such as “you”, rather use “we” or “I” while addressing them as an individual, as this sound more appealing.

5. Use appealing headliners

The main aim is to please the audience. You have to answer all queries: who, what, when, where, why, and how. They need to know these things and it has to be related to them right away.

While writing a direct mail, the sub-headings need to be catchy, because the clever audience might trash the mail before they even open it. Incorporate keywords, give them a small teaser on the outside, and remember the new marketing rule: “me-marketing.”

6. Gain their trust

Don’t use words like “best services,” instead say “great quality services.” Tell them facts and the truth, as no one likes to be fooled. Your audience is intelligent, so treat them that way.

7. Make sure you seek their attention

Making words bold, italicizing words, and underlining relevant text helps draw attention quickly to the important parts that matter the most. Don’t blindly bold every other word, because you will lose the readers interest. Keep yourself in the reader’s place and think that they will read only one to two sentences or phrases.

8. Don’t forget to include a P.S.

Postscripts are always the most read part of every mail. After addresses and headlines, most people tend to skip directly to the end. So, include something that is seductive. Write something that will make them go back to the beginning and read the entire mail again.

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While many people feel an effective direct mail campaign includes design and getting the copy grammatically correct, the real key to a successful and impressive direct mailing is driving interest and getting results.

So, make sure you take the above points as the direct mail marketing “gospel” and let a list of merchant cash advance leads ensure you get maximum conversions.