Get our UCC Leads and Market Merchant Cash Advance Effectively

A merchant cash advance is an alternative funding source for small businesses who do not qualify for a bank loan. When a business has a cash flow problem and is in need of immediate funds, the first option is to apply for a bank loan. since the traditional banks have tightened the loan eligibility criteria for small businesses due to their poor credit ratings, a merchant cash advance has come out as a viable alternative.

The MCA industry is just a decade old; but owing to its benefits, a number of business owners are opting for this type of financing. However, it has been observed that a number of them are still not aware of this easily available financing. As a merchant cash advance provider, if you are looking for ways to find the right prospects and sell merchant cash advances efficiently, getting an up-to-date UCC leads list from a reliable service like ours is your ideal option. As we are well aware, finding and building clients in the merchant cash advance industry can be quite difficult. However, with high-targeted lists such as UCC leads, you know your targets and can reach them well-prepared.


At Merchant Financing Leads, we provide high-quality UCC leads that help you reach prospects efficiently. Our UCC records provide important information such as name, business name, and contact details including phone number, address, etc. of the businesses that can be your perfect customers. Just having access to information is not enough. You need to know how to reach these prospects and plan a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign that compels them to buy loans from you. For this, you need to listen to their concerns, like what kind of cash flow issues they are facing presently and how will a merchant cash advance solve their problem. You must address their interests and plan a marketing campaign that best meets their needs and shows them how a merchant cash advance comes out as the best alternative source of funding to solve their need for immediate cash.

When you reach your prospects, i.e. UCC leads, through calls or email, you need to recommend the best possible solution. The lenders in the most advanced companies often encourage them to take the shortest possible loan.  However, short-term loans are not always a viable option. In some cases, a business should opt for a long-term loan to get the smallest daily payment. You should understand your client’s business in terms of daily sales and cash flow, and then advise them of the best solution. This will help you win the trust of your prospects and accomplish a win-win situation for both of you- the UCC borrower and MCA provider.

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Generally, the businesses listed in UCC leads are those who have previously applied for a merchant cash advance and are seeking this type of loan in the near future. These businesses have already applied for a MCA and are aware of the loan application process, repayments, etc. Thus, they make for an ideal customer.

When you plan a merchant cash advance marketing campaign to sell business loans, keep the above mentioned suggestions in mind to prove MCAs are the best alternative funding for a cash-struggling business.