Targeting UCC Leads? Explain How a Merchant Cash Advance is an Excellent Source of Alternative Financing

Ever since the traditional banks have stopped funding small businesses due to their poor credit ratings, these businesses have started looking for alternative financing solutions. In this regard, a merchant cash advance turns out to be an effective answer for the cash-struggling business. For those who have cash flow problems and are in need of immediate funds, a merchant cash advance is a viable alternative.

When a company gets a merchant cash advance, it is based on the purchase and sale of future credit card income. No regular fixed payments are required by the borrowing company. The collection continues until the lender recovers what they had advanced along with their premium. Having access to high-targeted lists such as UCC leads is the best way to know your best target customers. Also, when you do not have access to such lists, all your merchant cash advance marketing efforts go to waste and you are not able to generate the desired results.

MCA LeadsAs an MCA provider considering merchant cash advance marketing, it is important to get in touch with a reliable lead generation service in order to gain access to qualified leads and know your potential customers. At Merchant Financing Leads, we excel in providing fresh and qualified UCC leads that will help you approach qualified prospects the best way. Our highly-trained and dedicated staff work hard to provide our clients with high-quality UCC leads so that they can launch a marketing campaign successfully. All our leads lists are regularly refreshed and we continually keep our database updated. More importantly, our UCC leads are compiled from the most reliable sources, including qualified live transfers, so they are high in accuracy and authenticity. Use our UCC data for your merchant cash advance marketing campaign including telemarketing campaign, direct mail campaigns, postcard mailings, etc. and you will experience a boost in your business.

One thing that is attractive to companies regarding a merchant cash advance is that when they have a slow sales month, their payment to the advancing company is lower since they collect a set percentage of credit card sales. Another attractive feature is that there is no actual due date for the advance to be paid off. It is paid off when enough credit card sales are made for the advancing company to recover the advance and their premium. Also, no collateral is required to secure the advance.

In addition to being available to people with a bad credit history, a merchant cash advance offers easy eligibility criteria. Unlike the traditional banks that take months to approve loans, a merchant cash advance offers an easy application and approval process with very little paper work. This is the reason it is called immediate cash. As you all know, a traditional financing requires a business owner to pay an application fee, but a merchant cash advance doesn’t involve any extra costs for getting approval. When a business owner applies for a merchant cash advance, they need not be concerned about extra costs.

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Getting fresh, quality UCC leads is the ideal way to know your target customers and sell business loans. We at are one of the most trusted lead generation services providing authentic business loan leads to help you reach the right prospects well-prepared.