Show Your Live Transfer Leads How This Alternative Funding Is Ideal for Businesses with Bad Credit

A merchant cash advance is an alternative funding source for small businesses who do not qualify for a bank loan. As we all understand, for a business to operate successfully, a smooth flow of cash is the key. When a business has a cash flow problem and is in need of immediate funds, the first option is to look for a bank loan. But since the traditional banks have tightened the loan eligibility criteria for small businesses due to their poor credit ratings, a merchant cash advance has turned out to be a viable alternative.

Finding and building clients in the merchant cash advance industry can be difficult. Those marketing merchant cash advances know the struggle of finding new business loan leads and how tough the situation can be when you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, live transfer leads exist to help you reach target prospects. In Addition  for those looking to launch a merchant cash advance marketing campaign, these live transfer leads can prove to be quiteeffective .

Live Transfer Leads

At Merchant Financing Leads, we excel in providing the most cost-effective and DNC compliant live transfer lead generation programs that will help you reach your target prospects in the best manner. With 6+ years of experience in the lead generation industry, we know what it takes to succeed. By understanding your business needs and adhering to industry standards, we provide quality leads and guide you through a merchant cash advance marketing campaign. We blend top-notch technology, well-trained call center representatives and a proprietary business owner database to deliver positive results for your marketing campaign.

As a MCA provider, when you consider merchant cash advance marketing, it is important to explain to your prospects how this alternative funding makes an ideal solution for a company with bad credit. Here are a few ways how a merchant cash advance is the best solution for cash struggling businesses and will contribute to profits and growth-

  • An MCA entails a much quicker approval than a bank loan., Explaining to your prospective clients how a merchant cash advance turns into faster cash-in-hand and allows business owners to take advantage of current market prices will help attract more business loan leads.
  • Unlike a traditional business loan that requires collateral in order to be considered , a merchant cash advance doesn’t require collateral When a business owner applies for a merchant cash advance, they do not risk losing valuable assets .
  • A merchant cash advance is quite beneficial to free up the cash flow of a company as it doesn’t require any monthly payments or upfront fees,  that a  traditional bank loans requires.
  • Typically the funds obtained through a financial institution must be used for a stated purpose by the borrowing business whereas there is no limitation on how the funds acquired from an MCA can be applied. Your live transfer leads should know that the money from a traditional loan has a narrow scope of use as compared to money that comes from a cash advance.

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Explaining how an MCA makes for better alternative funding as compared to others will help you attract customers and sell More MCAs When you plan merchant cash advance marketing to target business loan leads, it is important that you explain the many benefits and how this type of business funding will contribute to their growth.