MCA Marketing- Explaining How Merchant Cash Is a Better Option than Traditional Funding Will Help You Target Prospects Effectively

In today’s competitive business world, it has become very difficult for a business owner to get capital from traditional lending sources.  Statistics show that approximately 80% of all small businesses that apply for loans from big banks get rejected for one reason or another. In order to deal with this shortfall, the merchant cash advance was developed in order to help merchants fund their businesses.

What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance is an easy and flexible alternative funding source that requires very little paperwork while providing quick access to funds. If you are working in MCA industry, now is the right time to launch your marketing campaign and reap the benefits. Getting fresh and qualified UCC leads will help you know the best target prospects and sell business loans efficiently.

Merchant Cash Advance

UCC lists are records containing information such as name and contact details of those business who have applied for merchant cash advances in the past and are expecting to seek one again. The biggest advantage about these businesses is since they have already taken an MCA loan, they are aware of the loan process, which makes your job easier.

Once you have access to UCC leads, the next step is to strategize a merchant cash advance marketing campaign that compares how a merchant cash advance is more efficient funding option over traditional business lending. Here’s how-

  • A merchant cash advance features a quick approval time as compared to traditional banks. It means faster cash-in-hand which allows you to take advantage of the current opportunities.
  • Often, the banks require you to have collateral, whereas an MCA simply requires you to accept limited conditions. It doesn’t put your assets at risk.
  • There is no restriction on usage of the funds acquired from an MCA. Capital loaned through a bank must be used for the purpose specified by the business.
  • A cash advance is much more beneficial to the cash flow of a company since it does not require monthly payments or upfront fees, which are characteristic of bank loans.
  • You may use merchant cash to purchase inventory or expand the existing business unlike traditional bank loans that place a restriction on the usage of funds.
  • An MCA stays off your credit report, and unlike banks it has no effect on your credit rating.

Explaining how a merchant cash advance is a better solution will help you attract leads and sell MCAs.  UCC data outperforms all other lists available in the MCA industry. The most significant reason why UCC leads lists are highly preferred to generate business loan leads is due to the reliability of data sources and the conversion ratio of the leads provided.

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At Merchant Financing Leads, we make use of proprietary software to extract and provide accurate data at a competitive price. Our UCC data records contain information such as company’s name, phone numbers, mailing address, city and state information along with zip code. These UCC lists are greatly beneficial for marketing campaigns such as telemarketing, direct mail and postcard mailings that offer additional merchant services.

If you are operating a merchant cash advance business and searching for target prospects to sell business loans, getting our UCC leads can be a real help!