Learn Why ACH Leads are a Proven Solution to Merchant Cash Advance Marketing

Business loan leads play a significant role in merchant cash advances marketing. Owing to the valuable benefits associated with merchant funding, it is gaining popularity. However, in talking with different merchant cash advance providers, it has been found that finding new leads is still a challenging task.

Merchant cash providers who decide to search for prospects on their own only end up wasting time and resources. Instead, getting high-quality leads lists such as ACH leads is the right answer. These high-quality leads lists will help you plan a strategic merchant cash advance marketing campaign more quickly and efficiently.

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What is Automated Clearing House?

ACH- Automated Clearing House is the electronic fund’s transfer network that processes debit and credit transactions in batches. Widely used by a number of businesses, an ACH provides a convenient and useful option for business owners to receive payments from customers and also send funding to customers, such as merchant cash advances. As you already know, building clients in the MCA industry are not easy and an ACH leads list can prove quite helpful.

What should quality ACH records include?

A quality ACH leads list contains the names of all those businesses that could be potential customers. These are the companies that have obtained a merchant cash advance previously and are expecting to seek one again in the future. Generally, the businesses looking for merchant cash advances are new in the industry having a poor credit rating or no credit at all. You must know that qualifying for traditional loans is tough in the present scenario. So, these new companies make the ideal customer for a merchant cash advance.

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Since they have already taken a merchant cash advance previously, these leads are well acquainted with the loan process and know the ropes. For this reason, you do not need to waste time educating them about the loan process—the benefits and repayment methods, etc.–thus saving you time and money. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ACH records are a valuable asset for your company’s marketing plans. They will help increase your sales and maximize profits. As a leading MCA provider, if you are looking for leads to launch a merchant cash advance marketing campaign, ACH records are helpful as they bridge the gap between a lender and a borrower.

Why businesses prefer ACH leads lists?

ACH records are reliable and trusted by businesses because of the credibility of the resources and the good conversion ratio. Usually, these ACH leads lists are accurate up to 93%. All the ACH records are checked, confirmed and filtered before included in the lists. There is no need to worry about reliability.

Make sure you buy quality lists from a reputed provider. At Merchant Financing Leads, we offer highly accurate, reliable and authentic ACH leads lists so you can reach your target market efficiently. More importantly, we update our lists every month and new fresh leads are added so that you do not miss any opportunity and end up contacting the wrong people.

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