4 Ways ACH Marketing Helps MCA Businesses

Automated Clearing House Marketing is a network in the United States for handling financial transactions. This center of commerce in the United States moves finances and relevant information from one financial institution to another through Direct Deposit and Direct Payment. Therefore, ACH Marketing is a process of accepting payments by transferring funds from one financial institution to another using a unique routing number.

As we know, a merchant cash advance is highly gaining popularity among people and ACH payments are highly preferred in the MCA businesses. However, merchant Cash businesses need up-to-date ACH mailing lists to launch ACH marketing campaigns.  Are you an MCA business owner who has been refraining from ACH Marketing? If yes, MFL recommends that you to rethink your position because ACH marketing is the future of loan payments. More importantly, it has become a livewire for many MCA businesses for the following reasons:

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  • Lower Transaction Fee:

Finance is always an issue for startups. Therefore, they prefer an ACH marketing plan for which they do not have to pay heavily. We know what it takes to bring you the best of ACH marketing to make sure the transaction fee does add to the financial woes of an MCA business.

  • More Convenience:

Filling paper invoices and checks needs an investment of time. Additionally you will have to go to your bak and wait in long lines. This could become tiresome. By contrast, ACH advertising is very convenient. With ACH transactions, the business owners no longer has to fill paper invoices and visit banks to pay their monthly bill. Instead, we make ACH advertising convenient for MCA business owners and make sure they can provide more flexibility to their customers to grow their business.

  • Set it and Forget it:

ACH marketing allows businesses to setup recurring bills. Another benefit is that it allows them to utilize payment processing programs and to automatically send invoices to their customers in less time. We know the best practices to conduct auto invoice and payment tracking to make ACH advertising productive for your MCA business.

  • Faster lead generation

ACH advertising is secure for a business. Additionally, it is also secure for your customers. Paper checks exchange multiple hands during the process of payment. As a result, paper checks run the risk of getting lost in some unsecure area. This is something that happens when payments are transferred by customers to your account. Thus, we make sure ACH Advertising is secure for your business by making all the important banking details of both your accounts unknown through data encryption.

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Final Thoughts

Taking these advantages of ACH marketing into consideration, it is clear that ACH is a preferred medium of transaction. Getting high-quality ACH leads will help you launch the perfect marketing campaign and sell business loans. Entrusting MerchantFinancingLeads with the task will benefit your MCA businesses because we know the best and risk-free ACH lead generation practices to help struggling vendors stay on right track for all-round growth on the corporate front. Now you have every reason to embrace it. Don’t waste another minute. Get in touch with MFL and seek reliable quality ACH leads to make your ACH advertising campaign profitable.