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Our expertise in marketing, design and data management enables us to provide a unique range of products that is a perfect fit for our clients' merchant cash advance advertising needs. Merchant Financing Leads delivers a wide range of top notch merchant cash advance leads and list products under one roof at a reasonable cost. Each of our products is custom designed to earn you a solid return on your investment, as well as helping you obtain a life-long customer. With the average funded deal estimated at around $23,000.00, it does not take much to earn a profit from our business loan leads!

Merchant cash advance leads

Merchant Leads Product List:

  • Live Transfer Leads

    These are merchants who are interested in obtaining funding for their business and are checked for their credibility using our set criteria.

  • Merchant Cash Advance Leads

    The leads we provide are hunted using our strongly pitched direct mail campaigns, UCC lists and industry based partnerships. They are verified by our call centers and checked for the qualifying factors.

  • Aged Trigger Data

    Business owners who had their credit profile pulled for the purpose of obtaining financing for their business. You receive the business name, owner name, phone number, the date of the pull, psychical address, SIC code and industry type.

  • Cell Phone Lists
    We can target on each of our data sets on any of our data including UCC, trigger, or B2B. Many companies have found that target cell phone data helps them avoid gatekeepers and speak directly to business owners.

  • Email Lists
    Email marketing has become a very cost-effective way to for marketers to reach out to many clients and prospects. The small business lending industry is no exception. Marketers who utilize email marketing know that the accuracy of the data is very important to maintain good standing with email marketing platforms. To help companies target the best candidates for their email marketing campaigns we compile and append the most accurate and up to date email lists to all of our available data sets including UCC’s, Triggers and B2B lists.

    Our email data is appended from the top email providers across the country and gives you a unique channel to send your marketing message to increase your leads and sales. We maintain the largest file most accurate file of UCC w emails and Trigger data with emails for the MCA industry.

  • UCC Lists

    The UCC records we provide are guaranteed to have an accuracy of 93% with contact information. These are extremely beneficial and outdo all other lists available in the industry.

  • Live Transfer Leads

     - Merchants who are interested in acquiring funds for their business are referred to as our live transfer leads. Using our set criteria, we thoroughly ascertain their credibility to qualify as leads that will be of benefit to you.
  • Merchant Cash Advance Leads

     - Our process of searching effective leads includes direct mail campaigns and UCC lists. Our merchant cash advance live transfers get your office buzzing with calls from effective leads who are eager to partner with you.
  • ACH Leads

     - Our data of lucrative ACH leads is constantly refreshed for keeping the records up-to-date. These are leads that use ACH funding for the purpose of lending cash advances. Options such as ACH funding are particularly helpful where businesses have low merchant processing volumes but high daily gross bank deposits.
  • Equipment Leasing and Financing

     - With over 12 years of experience in the equipment leasing lead generation service, we have developed a strong expertize in providing effective leads that actually convert. Our modern equipment leasing lead generation system markets particularly to those who are actively looking for equipment leasing services.
  • Factoring and Receivable Financing

     - Because of the rate and speed at which modern technology functions, factoring shoppers require immediate responses in real time. This makes real time leads the best way to connect with new clients and this is where we leverage our real time technology to deliver leads to factoring shoppers who require effective leads in a quick turn-around-time.
  • UCC Lists

     - UCC lists are our financing sources that originate by reverse searching all the UCC-1s that have been filed in different states. Our proprietary software captures all the recently filed Merchant Cash Advance and Equipment Financing UCCs from the Secretary of State and county records.
  • Custom Direct Mailer programs

     - This is a strong area of our expertise as we have been dealing in direct mailing and list services for over 12 years in the MCA marketing domain. Keeping in mind your industry needs, we work to generate the most lucrative leads for your business.

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